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Battle for Ukraine
A Sideshow and a Showdown in Kyiv

As the public eye is fixated on a clash between Petro Poroshenko and Mikheil Saakashvili, a more serious showdown looms for control of Ukraine’s institutions—and the future of its anti-corruption movement.

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Doping Drama
How the Olympics Ban Helps Putin

Banning Russia from the Olympics does not create a political crisis for Putin. It actually helps him avoid one.

Fixing Françafrique
Macron’s African Ambitions

The French President wants to mend his country’s paternalistic policy toward its former African colonies—but his trip to the region foretells more continuity than change.

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Xi Will Be Denied
Is Trump Taking The Gloves Off Against Beijing?

Despite his warm words toward Xi, President Trump seems to be gearing up for a much tougher trade approach to China.

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Follow the Money
The Corruption of Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The testimony of a Turkish banker in a federal court points to enormous corruption at the center of Turkish politics.

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The (Near) Future of Oil Lies in Moscow’s Hands

Russia holds all the leverage in talks to extend petrostate production cuts.

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Outside the Box
Beyond a “Marshall Plan for Ukraine”

It’s time to think creatively about how to help Ukraine. Giving more money to an increasingly corrupt government is not working.

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From the Archives
The Paradise Papers: A Reading Guide

As the Paradise Papers stir public debate about offshore finance and dirty money, seven articles from the TAI archives provide a guide to the legal, political, and moral questions at stake.

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News Analysis
The Real Lessons of RT’s Foreign Agent Registration

RT’s new filing as a foreign agent shows how lavishly funded its American operations are—and raises troubling questions about where all that money is really going.

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News Analysis
The Future of Saad Hariri

The Lebanese prime minister’s resignation points to a new Saudi strategy in the region.

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