Karina Orlova
Contributing writer to The American Interest and the Washington DC correspondent for Echo of Moscow radio.
Jan Matejko, “Stańczyk” via Wikimedia Commons
Putinism Revisited
The Futile Search for a Russian Ideology

Western Russia-watchers are mistaking the ramblings of a self-promoting apparatchik for a coherent articulation of the Kremlin’s ideology. Don’t believe the hype.

Detail from a movie poster by Leslie Herman.
A Comedic Interlude
A Show Trial, and The Death of Putin

Black comedy as reality in modern Russia.

Wikimedia Commons
A Conversation with Vitaly Mansky
Witnessing Putin’s Rise

A leading Russian documentarian reflects on the events that brought Putin to power, in a new film that is part personal repentance and part cautionary tale.

Putin's Plummeting Popularity
Don’t Shoot The Messenger

It’s not just that Putin’s “trust” numbers are in free fall. It’s that his most trusted pollsters appear to be in a panic about it.

own goal
Don’t Play The Russian PR Game

Neither the delisting of Rusal nor the allowing of sanctioned Russian persons to attend Davos is a capitulation.

Intelligence Failure
Bumbling Russian Spies and Clumsy Russian Spy Services

As a high-profile Russian suspect prepares to plead guilty to conspiracy charges, Putin appears to clean house at home.

news analysis
Putin's Retirement Plan?
The Privatization That Wasn’t

New reporting confirms that the “privatization” of Russia’s oil giant Rosneft was the kleptocratic fraud we suspected all along.

Politics 101
Russia Shows Us Where Political Violence Leads

Hatred is a universal feeling—and is used as a political tool universally.

Wikimedia Commons
Sloppy Spycraft
Russia’s Intelligence Failures

A series of high-profile mishaps have exposed the incompetence of Russia’s intelligence services. And yet the main threat to Putin’s rule would still come from the siloviki.

RT screengrab via YouTube
Skripal Poisoning
The Spies Who Came in from the Cold

The two men accused of poisoning Sergey Skripal are ready for their close-up.

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