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Citizens United = Russian Money in American Campaigns
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  • Unelected Leader

    Way more concerned about Chinese or Saudi money. Anyway, the decision is problematic because it allows multinational corporations with interest in Russia, China, Saudi, you name it, to influence elections. Interests such as terrible trade deals bad for MainStreet good for Wall Street.

    • And to be fair, even our “allies” actively try to use funds to influence our lobbies and our foreign policy.

  • Fat_Man

    Yet he is not worried about how Arab and Russian money have floated the “environmental” movement for years. Ho hum. More partisan talking points. Go away.

    • Micah718

      See, it is only a problem when money goes to causes the author doesn’t support. Otherwise, it is all good. Complaining about liberals having situational ethics is like complaining about water being wet. It’s just what it is.

    • I believe the psychoanalytic term for you trolls’ comments is “projection”, but you should have the last word.

  • Joe Eagar

    This is ridiculous. Citizens United happened for a reason, and no serious plan to get rid of it can ignore that. If you want Congress to better regulate financial spending in campaigns, you have to explain how this won’t lead to the government banning political speech as happened in the Citizens United case. And frankly, you have to explain how this won’t lead to a further entrenching of a culture of witchhunting that’s proliferated in America at least since the late 80s.

    • Tom

      I suspect that the author considers that last bit a feature, not a bug.

  • three_chord_sloth

    Hmmm… odd. No mention of all the Chinese money flowing to the Clintons back in the 90s… money that bought the single worst political event on the past half century — the admission of China to the WTO.

    Must be an oversight by the author.

    *major eye roll*

  • Angel Martin

    “It should be a matter of some urgency in Congress that this be addressed, yet there seems to be little interest thus far among either Republicans or Democrats. ”

    A swamp-man is upset with the ethics of the swamp ? How does that work ?

  • Kenneth Currie

    So, the American Interest has now joined the Russian conspiracy crowd. I knew there was a reason why I’m no longer a regular reader of the journal. Absurd. Citizen’s United was about the First Amendment. Period.


    Does The Name George Soros Mean Anything ?

    ” . . . is not only the Kremlin and its affiliated oligarchs that may be using the cloak of anonymity created by the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission to funnel money to favored Super PACs in the American political system.”

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