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Sean Keeley
The Putin Interviews
Sympathy for the Kremlin

Oliver Stone’s interviews with Vladimir Putin tell us more about Putin’s admirers than about the Russian President himself.

The Sanctions Dance
New Russia Sanctions Hit A Roadblock

Congressional efforts to codify sanctions against Moscow are being held up in the House. Score a victory for the Trump Administration, and for the Executive Branch in general.

Rocky Rapprochement
Senate Slaps New Sanctions on Russia

Like Obama before him, Trump wants flexibility to deal with Russia of his own accord—but Congress is not going to comply.

After the Pivot
Mattis to Asia: Rest Assured, and Bear with Us

The Defense Secretary’s speech at Shangri-La convincingly articulated some elements of Trump’s Asia policy—but it was not without its contradictions.

After the Pivot
Mattis Moves to Reassure Asia (Again)

But he may face a more skeptical crowd at Shangri-La than he did during his February trip.

China's Big Money Diplomacy
One Belt, One Road, One Boondoggle?

Xi Jinping’s ambitious infrastructure push is off to a slow and troubled start.

Asia's Game of Thrones
Is China Trying to Play Trump?

And what happens when Trump loses his patience with Beijing?

Mixed Messages
Trump Sows Confusion in Seoul

Trump’s latest outburst on THAAD and trade will hardly help shore up U.S.-South Korean relations.

Commitment Issues
The Trouble with NATO Burden Sharing

It goes far deeper than a failure to reach the 2 percent spending target.

Middle East Aflame
Mattis Wants a Political Solution in Yemen

But he may bomb the Houthis to the negotiating table first.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Asia's Game of Thrones

Tensions are heating up along the Sino-Indian border in Sikkim, with Chinese troops bulldozing an Indian Army bunker and sparring with Indian troops.

The European Immigration Crisis

Rome formally asks EU for help, threatens to close ports to rescue vessels.

Brazil's House of Cards

Whether Temer clings to power or not, Brazil’s growing pattern of top-level corruption spells serious trouble for the country.


Shale needs more pipes.

Europe's War on the Internet

€2.4B seems like a lot. But it’s chump change compared to what Brussels forfeits by playing at protectionism rather than tech development.

Red Line Redux

Maybe, just maybe, enforcing specific norms against wanton barbarity with threats and demonstrations of violence can work well.

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