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Episode 209: Overcoming Violence

How can fragile democracies undo their legacy of violence and find a path to security? Rachel Kleinfeld joins Richard Aldous on the podcast to discuss.

Episode 208: The Roots of Liberalism

What do we talk about when we talk about liberalism? Helena Rosenblatt discusses her new intellectual history of the word and the idea.

Episode 207: The Case for Responsible Parties

Have decentralizing reforms actually made democracies less accountable to the people? Just after the midterms, Yale’s Ian Shapiro joins the podcast to discuss.

Episode 206: A New Working Hypothesis

Oren Cass joins the podcast to discuss his new book on what ails our labor market, and how to fix it.

Episode 205: The Future of Politics

What will politics look like in a “world transformed by tech”? Jamie Susskind joins the podcast to discuss.

Episode 204: The Immigration Impasse

Reihan Salam joins to discuss his new book making the case against open borders.

Episode 203: Coddling on Campus

Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff discuss the crisis on college campuses today.

Episode 202: Identity and Its Discontents

Francis Fukuyama kicks off TAI’s new podcast season with a discussion of his timely new book on identity politics.

Episode 201: Grand Strategy with Chinese Characteristics

Sulmaan Wasif Khan discusses his new book tracing the history of Chinese grand strategy, from Mao to Xi.

Episode 200: Drinking Through the Ages

Mark Forsyth discusses his new history of drunkenness, from prehistoric times to the modern day.

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