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A Tribute to Zbigniew Brzezinski

It is with great sadness this Memorial Day weekend that we report that Zbigniew Brzezinski has passed away.Dr. Brzezinski was a founding editorial board member of The American Interest and a counselor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He was the National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter from 1977-81. He was also a friend […]

Episode 168: Terror, Russia, and Improbable Collusion

On this week’s episode host Richard Aldous speaks with George Walden about the recent terrorist attack in Manchester before discussing allegations of Trump’s collusion with Russia with Kirk Bennett.

Episode 167: The State of State and Legacies in Denial

On this week’s episode host Richard Aldous speaks with James Jeffrey about what diplomacy can (and cannot) do, before talking with James Kirchick about former president Obama’s culpability in the deterioration of the liberal world order.

Episode 166: The Johnson Amendment and the Need for Nation States

On this week’s episode host Richard Aldous speaks with Blake Seitz about the Johnson amendment before discussing how populist politics is affecting America’s relations with Europe.

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Episode 165: Immigration Reform and Europe’s Collapsing Left

On this week’s episode host Richard Aldous talks immigration reform with Peter Schuck before discussing French and European politics with Alina Polyakova.

Episode 164: Le Pen vs. Macron, and Soros vs. Orbán

On this week’s episode host Richard Aldous speaks with Patrick Chamorel about the upcoming election in France, before discussing the thorny issue of the Central European University with Jeffrey Gedmin.

Episode 163: The North Korea Problem

On this week’s episode, host Richard Aldous speaks with Charles Edel about the volatile situation in North Korea.

Episode 162: Axed Agencies and Nuclear Options

On this week’s episode host Richard Aldous speaks with William Bonvillian about Trump’s proposed elimination of ARPA-E before discussing Gorsuch and the “nuclear option” with Jason Willick.

Episode 161: Iran Contra, Oliver North, and Paul Manafort

Good evening, listeners! We have another great episode for you this week as host Richard Aldous speaks with Roger Gran Harrison his role in the Iran Contra drama.

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Episode 160: Kremlinology and the Free Speech Conundrum

On this week’s episode host Richard Aldous speaks with Damir Marusic about the recent anti-corruption protests in Russia before discussing free speech and how to defend it with Martha Bayles.

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We are greatly saddened here at The American Interest to hear about the death of our friend, colleague, and mentor Zbigniew Brzezinski.

China's Big Money Diplomacy

China wants to help Egypt construct a new capital—but can they follow through?

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The President’s assault on P.C. was at least partly successful. That is both good and bad.

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