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Kenyan Elections
Tensions Mount in Kenya as Do-Over Election Looms

After the Kenyan Supreme Court tossed this past month’s election results, the chances of a political crisis grow more dire by the day.

Modern-Day Slavery
NYT Wakes Up to Racism Against Africans in Libya

Arab enslavement of Africans has a very long history, though you wouldn’t know it from the NYT.

A First for Kenya and for Africa

Kenya’s Supreme Court tosses last month’s fraudulent election results after John Kerry and the Carter Center affirmed them.

Democracy in South Africa
The Zuma Dynasty?

Many will breathe a sigh of relief when Jacob Zuma leaves office. But what if his ex-wife succeeds him?

Kenyan Elections
Opposition Leader: No Sex Until the Votes Are Counted

“All women should deny their husbands conjugal rights on the eve of voting,” Raila Odinga advised at a campaign rally Monday.

Burundi on the Brink
Tutsi Officers Purged from Burundi’s Military

It’s the latest warning sign from a country where the chances of a coup, a civil war, or a genocide are increasing by the day.

Net Assessment
SEYLLOU/AFP/Getty Images
All That Africa Could Be

A U.S. recommitment to Africa would profit all involved, so long as policymakers settle in for the long haul and take their cues from Alexander Hamilton.

Getting Africa Right
Too PC to Call Ethnic Conflict “Ethnic”

Why the NYT’s Congo reporting conceals the big story—and how to make it better.

When Teachers Unions Go to Africa

As if holding back America’s schools wasn’t enough….

Things Fall Apart
Report: Nigeria Rejected British Offer to Rescue 300 Schoolgirls from Boko Haram

The 195 girls who remain missing today reportedly live in conditions of forced marriage, rape, and torture.

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Daily Feed
Hugging the News Cycle
Setting Sun

President Trump now has the option to levy import tariffs on solar panels that caused “serious injury” to U.S. producers.

the new culture wars

The policy that set in motion a fierce culture war over young people, sex, and the meaning of consent is no more.

Rogue Nations

Trump’s simultaneous confrontation of Pyongyang and Tehran could have unintended consequences.

Pricing Carbon

Interest in cap and trade has waxed—not waned—after Trump’s decision to pull out of Paris.

Spanish Secession

The EU is walking a fine line as it uneasily backs Spain’s clampdown on Catalan separatists.

Examining the Energiewende

On the heels of news that Berlin will fall short of an emissions target, a new study says Germany will miss a renewable energy consumption goal.

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