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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
The Way Forward
Asia's Game of Thrones
American Innovation
The Importance of Reinvestment

Conventional producers are slashing costs and once again reinvesting in new projects.

String of Pearls

After ensnaring Sri Lanka in a debt trap, China is poised to profit by acquiring a strategic port on the Indian Ocean.


It is hard to imagine any other NATO member hosting ships from a navy that is busily building islands in South China sea—not to mention carrying out live-fire drills in the Mediterranean.


It’s not their stated purpose with their latest call to heed production cuts, but it’s what will happen in this new oil reality.

press freedom

The latest Economist/YouGov poll contains grim news about the health of American democracy.

The Tibetan Roots of the China-India Border Dispute
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Asia's Game of Thrones
How the border fight fits in with Beijing’s broader pressure campaign in Asia, and why it matters to the US.
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Junior's Russia Meeting
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After the USSR
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EU and What Army?
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We're Not Going to Take It
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The Year of Ella
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The G-20 in Hamburg
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