Doping Drama
How the Olympics Ban Helps Putin
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  • D4x

    Good analysis by Karlina Orlova, except for her omissions. First, the “verdict” is not final, as the IOC gets serious pushback for banning the Russian flag, anthem, uniform, but not the Russian athletes who have qualified in Biathlon, Curling, Ice Hockey (the International Ice Hockey Federation has already protested), and, Figure Skating:
    Mar 29, 2017 Evgenia Medvedeva two-time World champion (2016, 2017), two-time European champion (2016, 2017),”River flows in You” Short program 2017 World Figure Skating Championships, Helsinki Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva, the gold medal favorite in women’s figure skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang,[…] on Tuesday Medvedeva spoke passionately about her desire to compete under a Russian flag and on a Russian team.
    She spoke to the International Olympic Committee panel before the ruling was handed down, as part of a small group of
    Russian athletes who were allowed to be heard by the panel. 12 05 2017 Translation of the speech Evgenia Medvedeva gave to the IOC Executive Board…

    Orlova’s forgot to mention:
    1) if Russians will be aware that PeyongChang2018 is happening Feb 9-25, 2018?
    2) will North Korea disrupt RoK’s Olympics – will Putin be blamed for NorK ‘threats’ – not that the DPRK needs any help in disrupting PeyongChang2018’s threat of a mass hysteria if enough of his citizens see how rich RoK has become since the 1988 Seoul Olympics;
    3) will Russian athletes be competing, and winning medals under the exception rules that accompanied the IOC ban? IOC suspends Russian NOC and creates a path for clean
    individual athletes to compete in PyeongChang 2018 under the Olympic Flag […]
    •To invite individual Russian athletes under strict conditions (see below) to the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.
    These invited athletes will participate, be it in individual or team competitions,
    under the name “Olympic Athlete from Russia (OAR)”. They will compete with a
    uniform bearing this name and under the Olympic Flag. The Olympic Anthem will be played in any ceremony. […]

    > reported by NPR & CNN, so it must be true: Russian President Vladimir Putin said he wouldn’t stand in any athlete’s way if they choose to compete as neutral Olympians

    • D4x
    • D4x

      TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitter:
      icenetwork · @icenetwork s 5th Dec 2017 from TwitLonger Translation of the speech Evgenia Medvedeva gave to the IOC Executive Board…

      Dear President, dear members of the Executive Committee!
      I am honored to be here today. Thank you for the opportunity to address you on behalf of Russian athletes.
      I have until the last moment tried not to pay attention to the negative news related to Russian sports. I thought that we, the “clean” Russian athletes, had nothing to worry about. If someone really committed anti-doping rule violations, we
      certainly do not have anything to do with this.

      In 2014, I was 14 years old. I have not even entered the adult national team of my country.
      For me personally, Pyeongchang should be the first chance to plunge into the unique atmosphere of the Olympic Games.
      I do not understand why I and my Russian teammates can lose this chance.
      I took part in many different tournaments and I’m terribly proud of my two world title titles. But the Olympics is a dream!
      Everyone has dreams, and you probably already had a chance to fulfill your own. Let me do the same!
      I do not know if there will be other Games in my sports life after Pyeongchang.

      I always believed that the opportunity to compete at the Olympics should be fought on the ice.
      Unfortunately, now I understand that I can lose this chance because of circumstances that do not depend on me in any way.
      I can not accept the option that I would compete in the Olympic Games without the Russian flag as a neutral athlete.
      I am proud of my country, it is a great honor for me to represent it at the Games.
      It gives strength and inspires me during the performances.

      In addition, for me both personal and team tournaments are equally important at the Olympics. If I perform without a national flag, I will not be able to compete in the team. At the same time, my other rivals will have this opportunity. The Olympic Charter
      states that all athletes should have equal opportunities. And in this case there can be no question of equality.

      Dear members of the executive committee! I promise you that if I play at the Olympics in Pyeongchang, I will do my best not to disappoint you and adequately represent your country and the Olympic movement as a whole. Thank you for attention!

      Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva short program Sailor Moon
      Japanese Anime Sailor Moon – welcome to the global popular culture wars, IOC, and TAI:
      Figure Skater Evgenia Medvedeva Performed to ‘Sailor Moon’ Theme Song
      Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight. By Gabe Bergado Apr 25, 2017 9:51AM EDT
      Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, and now inspiring incredibly talented figure skaters — it’s Sailor Moon.
      The celestial superhero and anime have had quite the impact on pop culture, and now
      she got quite the honor being the inspiration behind Evgenia Medvedeva’s epic skating routine.

      This past weekend in Tokyo, the International Skating Union held the World Team Trophy in Figure Skating Competition, an event that brings competitors from all over the world together. A member of Team Russia,
      Evgenia stunned the crowd with her a certain number that was both powerfully-nostalgic and transformative;
      she performed to the original Sailor Moon theme song.

      Not only did she get major points from audience members simply for her song choice, but Evgenia also went from Usagi’s iconic
      school girl uniform to her battle armor. She transitioned out of the flowy,long skirt along with revealed thigh-high red stockings all while pulling off her choreography. Evgenia looked straight out of the anime by the end of her transformation.
      The Russian figure skater even pulled off some of Sailor Moon’s classic hand gestures and ended the performance with the superheroine’s motto in Japenese, “In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!”

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