Josef Joffe
Against Chicken Little
Is It Really RIP for the LIO?

Lamenting the “collapse” or “end” of the Liberal International Order has grown into a cottage industry of pundits and professors. But is the LIO really dying?

What, Me Worry?
How Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Defies America’s Best Interests

At half-time, Donald Trump has demolished a lot and rebuilt nothing. Even his short-term foreign policy successes have proven brittle. And in the longer term, his not-so-grand strategy—aka “America First”—may well prove costly, as it always has for America.

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Eye of the Storm
Succession Politics in Post-Merkel Germany

While Europe’s key powers—Britain, France and Italy—are succumbing to the populists in the streets and in parliament, Germany is the default anchor of continuity and stability.

The Iceman Cometh

Why dismantling the Pax Americana will not make the United States strong again—nor make the world safer.

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Of Munich and Davos
Bavarian Beer and Globalization

Why are ordinary folks willing to spend $13.50 for a mug of beer, and why are the grandees of global business willing to drop half a million for a “strategic partnership” with the World Economic Forum? The answers are not so far apart.

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Decline Time in America
America, the Forever Has-Been

Predictions of America’s inevitable decline are like repertory theater, put on stage once every decade since the 1950s. For all his arrogance and nastiness, Donald Trump may flummox the doomsayers again.

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Fool's Gold
A Report From The Trade Wars

In a trade war, one folly begets the next. The Trump Administration’s tariffs are a prime example.

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The Great Unraveling, Cont’d

Donald Trump’s upcoming schmooze fest with Vladimir Putin at their July 16 summit confirms Europe’s worst fears: No. 45 really does want to wreck the American-built global order.

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Mission: Kimpossible

Kim Jong-un may promise Donald Trump the moon when the two meet on Singapore’s Santosa Island. But he won’t deliver. History provides some key clues why North Korea will not part with its nukes.

Sciences Po
Pierre Hassner, 1933-2018

Polymath and public intellectual, Hassner was a towering figure in international relations.

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