Josef Joffe
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Trade War Coming
The Trump Deception

The President finally made good on his trade threats, imposing punitive duties on Chinese and South Korean exports. American consumers and workers will foot the bill.

The Middle East
Do the Palestinians Really Want Their Own State?

The answer has to be: no, not really. They could have had a state 80 years ago, and then again and again. They kept saying no.

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Transatlantic Trump
How “America First” Turns Into “America Last”

In an unprecedented challenge to the U.S., Germany’s foreign minister proposes “Europe first” and making nice with Putin’s Russia.

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Making America Small Again
Donald Trump and the Future of U.S. Power

The President underestimates the unique genius of postwar American grand strategy: that by serving others’ interests, the United States has also served its own.

Down Down Down
The Relentless Decline of Social Democracy in the West

Throughout Europe and the United States, the moderate Left has increasingly become a victim of its own past success.

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The G-20 in Hamburg
Chaos City

Summit spectaculars, riot hipsters, and the terror tactics of protest.

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In Memoriam
Helmut Kohl (1930-2017)

Kings get monuments when they die. Democratic leaders usually slink off into obscurity once they are out. Helmut Kohl deserves the former fate.

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The Transatlantic Alliance
Europe Faces the Demolition Man

Behind the harsh rhetoric about freeloading allies, is Trump a Transatlanticist at heart?

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Trump: A World Deconstructed?

If the 45th President makes good on his campaign promises, the 46th President will be the one called upon to “make America great again.”

America Self-Contained? A Symposium
Obama’s “Greta Garbo Moment”

The leader of the world’s only superpower just “wants to be alone.” Part of the symposium: “America Self-Contained?

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