Ben Judah
Book Review
Crashed and Burning

Adam Tooze reveals the unanswered questions still roiling European politics.

Getty Images
The New Left Review
What Is Millennial Socialism?

This is not your parents’ Left. And you’d better believe they’ll leave a mark.

After Trump
The Right’s Straw Left

Obsessed with “owning the libs”, the Right has missed how it has opened the door to a muscular, credible populism of the Left.

Courtesy of the Hudson Institute
Against the Mafia State
Grinda’s War

Who is the Spanish prosecutor fighting the Russian mafia state?

Whore of Power
Curzio Malaparte, Mon Amour

Mussolini’s Michael Wolff is the writer to rediscover for the Trump era.

The Colonial Sublime
Non to Tocqueville!

America’s favorite Frenchman is not what he seems.

The View from England
Why Harry Potter Is a Tory

American liberals’ love for J.K. Rowling misses the profound British conservatism of her books.

The View from England
Why I’ve Had Enough of George Orwell

Orwell is a terrible role-model for an age that needs more serious people honestly grappling with complexity.

Money Games
How Offshore Finance Sank Western Soft Power

For a long time now, the West has lived off its Cold War reputation in Eastern Europe. But this reputation is now spent, thanks to Western complicity in offshore finance’s pillage of post-Soviet states.

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