All in for Viktor Orbán
Thomas O. Melia was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State (2010-2015) and Assistant Administrator of USAID (2015-2017) during the Obama Administration, and is currently a Fellow at the George W. Bush Institute and a Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.
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  • Joe Eagar

    You can’t deny that it’s bad optics for America to launch a PR campaign in Hungary to complain about a rival country’s own campaign. Look at how the Russians are interfering in your affairs, but ignore our own interference!

  • bozki1

    Sir, We also have problem with your country- in 1918 when you destroyed Austro- Hungary you allowed the freedom all nationalities except us Hungarians. We did request -especially the Szeklers in Transylvania but you rejected but allowed our archenemies the Roumanians. The portion which they took from us -Transylvania -is bigger than todays Hungary. You were not an honest broker. In 1956 you instigated us to fight against the Russians and you not only denied a help but you blocked Franco/ Spain help who were willing to help us and you stayed on Russian side / their leader Hrusciov became the man of the year in Times magazine in 1957. You also deny us today a sort of autonomy and why not self determination from Roumania . I kindly remained you that the Russians , who did not particularly loved us on those times still gave us…I would also kindly remaind you when Orban first governed and block a military convoy with weapons to Serbia -conform your wish- the following year President Bush looked in Putin eyes and found a great man… Our enemies are the Roumanians ( Ukrainians who kick in their minorities also with the help of USA) who oppress Hungarians- look for their prime minister declaration who wanted to hang all the people who wanted to put Szeklers flag / express their wish for freedom last week- and we do not want to fight for Roumanian to be even more bigger occupying Moldova with the help of USA…

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