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Jamie Horgan
Staff Writer, The American Interest.
Green Schemes
Scientists Warn Against Fuzzy EU Carbon Math

Impending changes to forestry rules could conceal “300 million tons of carbon dioxide every year,” researchers say.

Shake Rattle and Oil
The Link Between Fracking and Earthquakes Is Becoming Clearer

But Oklahoma’s seismic problems aren’t shared by the rest of the country’s shale formations.

Crude Economics
OPEC’s Output Cut Is Rotting from Within

And it’s (almost) all Libya’s fault. It’s a bad time to be a petrostate.

Scientific Method
Optimistic Renewables Study Gets a Reality Check

And it’s sparked an acrimonious debate amongst scientists in the process.

Algae Whiz
Finally, a Biofuel to Get Excited About

Scientists made a breakthrough using algae to make oil.

Space the Field
Problems Crop Up in America’s Crowded Oil Fields

They’re called “frack hits,” and their incidence rate is only going to increase.

Nuclear Aging
America’s Green Energy Workhorses Are Looking Long in the Tooth

What happens when America’s nuclear reactors retire?

Wind and Solar
Renewables Broke a US Record in March

Is it their time to shine?

Will the Paris Pull Out Affect American Emissions?

Upset greens should read this.

Abundant Energy
Here Comes the Global Gas Market

LNG and an abundance of supply (thank you shale) is making natural gas more like oil.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Asia's Game of Thrones

Tensions are heating up along the Sino-Indian border in Sikkim, with Chinese troops bulldozing an Indian Army bunker and sparring with Indian troops.

The European Immigration Crisis

Rome formally asks EU for help, threatens to close ports to rescue vessels.

Brazil's House of Cards

Whether Temer clings to power or not, Brazil’s growing pattern of top-level corruption spells serious trouble for the country.


Shale needs more pipes.

Europe's War on the Internet

€2.4B seems like a lot. But it’s chump change compared to what Brussels forfeits by playing at protectionism rather than tech development.

Red Line Redux

Maybe, just maybe, enforcing specific norms against wanton barbarity with threats and demonstrations of violence can work well.

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