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Jamie Horgan
Staff Writer, The American Interest.
Shale 2.0
Bottlenecks Are Holding Back a Second Shale Boom

The industry is hurting from equipment and personnel shortages.

Petrostates in Peril
Cheap Crude Is Hell for Oil’s Old Guard

Economic growth is predictably sluggish for petrostates.

Market Forces
Trump Can’t Change Coal’s New Reality

A railroad CEO is grim about coal’s future in America.

Market Failure
California’s Green Policies Are Going Haywire

Between its broken carbon market and its out of control solar industry, little is going to plan in the Golden state.

Imperfect Solutions
Renewables Aren’t Perfect

Greens need to hear this.

To Frack or Not to Frack
Will 2017 Be the Year the UK Finally Embraces Shale?

Another UK company is going ahead with plans to drill exploratory shale wells in Britain.

Crude Economics
What OPEC Is Up Against

These days, shale producers are doing more to affect market prices than petrostates.

Green Schemes
Scientists Warn Against Fuzzy EU Carbon Math

Impending changes to forestry rules could conceal “300 million tons of carbon dioxide every year,” researchers say.

Shake Rattle and Oil
The Link Between Fracking and Earthquakes Is Becoming Clearer

But Oklahoma’s seismic problems aren’t shared by the rest of the country’s shale formations.

Crude Economics
OPEC’s Output Cut Is Rotting from Within

And it’s (almost) all Libya’s fault. It’s a bad time to be a petrostate.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
press freedom

The latest Economist/YouGov poll contains grim news about the health of American democracy.

Asian Arms Race

Beijing is launching a new agency, modeled on the Pentagon’s DARPA, to pioneer breakthrough military technology.

Temple Mount Crisis

Israel has removed the metal detectors, but Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is calling for further escalation.

Japanese Politics

Beset by scandals, the beleaguered Prime Minister is losing ground to a rival in the polls.

Turkey’s "NINO" Status

The days when NATO could command the loyalty of its members, necessitating that they handle disputes with co-parties discreetly, are long past.

Frack Baby Frack

We’re heading into uncharted waters, thanks to shale.

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