Thomas O. Melia
Trump & Freedom of Expression
Repression Is Contagious

On freedom of expression, leadership matters and bad behavior acts like a virus. Political actors look at their neighbors and act accordingly.

After the Midterms
America, Heal Thyself

Protecting one of the most important ways Americans express themselves: the vote.

© Amnesty International
Where is Ilham Tohti?
The Courage of the Powerless versus the Craven Behemoth

Google’s newfound moral flexibility has real, tangible costs.

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Wikimedia Commons
Living History
John McCain Speaks to the Ages

The Senator’s parting words bring to mind famous farewells, invoking values we all should live by.

Living History
A Turbulent Century in the Heart of Europe

An American son of asylum seekers turned Ambassador captures the essence of the American idea in a riveting new history.

(Win McNamee/Getty Images)
Diplomacy and Human Rights
Swagger Is as Swagger Does

If Secretary Pompeo wants to get the State Department’s swagger back, he could start by reaffirming our commitment to human rights—especially to Vladimir Putin.

Sovereign Confusion
The World Is Still a Dangerous Place

The UN is flawed. It’s also where governments go to do diplomacy

Blissfully-dangerously-intentionally ignorant
The Alt-Ostrich Movement

Informed judgment is so rare in Washington there is a prize for it.

(Courtesy of National Democratic Institute)
A Pre-Election Reflection
Hungary and Democratic Decay

Hungary emerged from the collapse of European communism as the poster child for seamless transitions. Today, its future looks more than a little like its pre-communist, authoritarian past.

“The business of America is business…”
The Corporate Conscience

Should corporations pursue more than profits?

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