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Nuclear Dilemmas
Iran’s Banks Face Trouble from Within and Without

Like it or not, the Iran nuclear deal weds us to trying to integrate the country into the the international financial system.

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Migrants, Blocked in Libya, Promptly Shift to Morocco

Migrant flows from Libya to Italy are down thanks to the Italian navy, but are offset by increases from Morocco to Spain.

Qatar Crisis
UAE Boycotts Western Banks With Qatari Ties

The UAE steps its embargo of Qatar up another notch by penalizing foreign banks with Qatari ties. It’s a bold move, but has the potential to backfire.

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Hired Guns
Mercenaries Are a Bad Idea for Afghanistan

The Trump administration appears to be taking proposals to privatize the war in Afghanistan very seriously. It’s a bad idea.

Kurdish Conundrum
Erdogan Hints at New Military Action in Syria

An attack on the Syrian Kurds might be a question of where, not if.

Quids and Quos
Tick-Tock for Netanyahu?

Israeli police have revealed for the first time that investigations into Netanyahu include bribery and fraud.

All Your Base
China Opens First Overseas Military Base

Down the road from the U.S. base at Camp Lemmonier in Djibouti, China’s first permanent overseas military base will secure their presence in Africa.

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Edging Out Iran
Saudi Arabia Welcomes Muqtada al-Sadr

Saudi Arabia is seeking rapprochement with Iraq, but is shaking hands with some ugly partners.

Intifada Averted
The Temple Mount Crisis and the Contours of Cold Peace

“Death to Israel” chants in Amman reveal how the Palestinians can still derail Israel’s regional diplomacy.

Temple Mount Crisis
A Metal Detector Intifada Avoided?

Israel removes metal detectors from the Temple Mount in an effort to de-escalate the crisis.

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