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China Opens First Overseas Military Base
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    Djibouti…now there’s a winner China!…good luck….

    • Observe&Report

      Actually, it is. Djibouti sits on the Bab el-Mandeb straits, through which 10% of the world’s oil trade passes, which partly explains why France, Italy, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and even Japan have military bases there.

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        Yes, I am aware. But I have been to enough African countries to know how they operate.
        There are more important things China needs to focus on besides getting involved in places like Djibouti.
        Good luck China….

    • D4x

      Sounds like you have been there? Djbouti was French Somalia, Somaliland was British Somalia, and Somalia (the one in never-ending civil war) was Italian Somalia. There is either a joke, or WW3 in that.

      It is not fair that Djbouti is a recognized nation, but Somaliland is not, just because they briefly joined up with Somalia, after independence.

      Somaliland has been a peaceful democracy for 25 years, with a good port at Berbera, but no one will recognize it as a nation.

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        Haven’t been there. The closest I got was Ethiopia…another African mess.
        China gets what it deserves. Djibouti might be a bit strategic, but but it is just another crap-hole African country that can’t get out of it’s own way…unless it is colonized….

        BTW, I wasnt aware of the history of the area, so thanks for the info!

        • D4x

          Djbouti sounds like a bad oasis with a good location, less than one million people.

  • FriendlyGoat

    A multi-polar world starts rising for real?

  • Anthony

    “Of all conceptions of world order in Asia, China operated the longest lasting, the most clearly defined, and the one furthest from Westphalian ideas. China has also taken the most complex journey, from ancient civilization through classical empire, to Communist revolution, to modern great-power status – a course that obviously continues to impact mankind.”

  • Jim__L

    Summer Reading:

    Julius Caesar, Gallic Wars.
    (The classic.)

    John Severn, Architects of Empire: the Duke of Wellington and his brothers

    (Just as an example. If anyone has a better book about how the British Empire grew by gradually using its military to support its global commercial ventures, let me know, I’d be interested in reading it.)

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