Andrew Bernard
Staff Writer
The Cost of Stability
Egypt’s New Terror Law Threatens Civil Society Groups

Egypt’s new “terrorist entities” law defines terrorism in such a way as to give the state broad powers to restrict political action and civil society groups.

Boots On Too Much Ground
Has Hezbollah Overstretched Itself?

After years of fighting in Syria, Hezbollah has sent combat advisers to Iraq. The terrorist organization may have overreached, which could be a boon for the Lebanese Army.

Iran Unbowed
Ayatollah and Israel Agree: Iran Unhurt by Status Quo

Ayatollah Khamanei has celebrated that the West and its allies have failed to “bring Iran to its knees.” His assessment is shared by an unlikely group: Israel and a host of U.S. Senators.

Omnis Divisa in Partes Tres
Libya: Going or Gone?

As competing governments square off, Libya increasingly looks like it may have broken into pieces that won’t be reassembled.

The Islamic State of Iraq al Sham and Sinai?
Egypt’s Islamists at a Crossroads

Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, responsible for a series of bombings that have killed dozens of Egyptian soldiers, has pledged its loyalty to ISIS. Egypt’s Islamists face a difficult choice over whether to embrace radicalism.

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