Migrants, Blocked in Libya, Promptly Shift to Morocco
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  • SeaAyeA

    Italian navy? That’s hilarious. Anyways, has nothing to do with Libya or Morocco. They flow of economic migrants won’t stop until policy changes occur. Right now, they have VERY GOOD incentive to come. They have a high chance of being allowed to stay, and welfare.

    • KremlinKryptonite

      나는 너에게 익숙하다 3. 16

      • SeaAyeA

        기억해 여기서 통제하십니까? 나는 떠났다 !

      • Observe&Report


        • KremlinKryptonite

          Somewhat but not nearly as well as Korean. I recognize this guys name from other forums, and he’s also an expat in Korea. I figured I’d see him on Disqus eventually.

          • Observe&Report

            I’m still a beginner at Japanese, so it’ll be a while before I get round to learning Korean.

          • KremlinKryptonite

            Ha! Good luck. The hiragana isn’t difficult. Katakana is starting to disappear. And kanji kills. I lived in Japan briefly before Korea, so I know how many Japanese struggle for their whole life with some of the kanji

          • SeaAyeA

            Yeah buddy. I don’t see you around naver or daum or even scmp anymore. Figured you had a Disqus.

          • KremlinKryptonite

            Well, not as much time for that. Angered some moderators with my pulling for Hong during the election. And scmp? No way don’t give them any traffic. Traffic there gets redirected in the background part of the “great cannon” for the PLA to launch DDOS.

    • Jeff77450

      The push-pull factors are similar to illegal immigration into America and the response has been equally anemic. In both cases a total disregard for the safety & very legitimate concerns of citizens.

  • alfred5

    The hard facts are that this migrant crisis is merely symptomatic of something that has gone seriously wrong within the EU ; the Third World has always been threatening to invade but now they have the opportunity because we have let our guard down ; there has been a fatal collapse in morale and self belief, something akin to the sudden collapse of the East Bloc in 88-91

    Ironically and paradoxically, it was the leader of East Germany, Egon Krenz , who triggered the collapse by opening up the Berlin Wall and it is another former East German, Frau Merkel, who has triggered the collapse of the EU project by announcing that Germany would take ”refugees” That’s not to say that Frau Merkel caused the collapse any more than Gavrilo Princip caused WW1, but they were the trigger mechanism

    The EU project had been fatally undermined over many years by top heavy bureaucracy, existential despair, materialism, hedonism, feminisation and decadence

    If we cannot even defend ourselves against unarmed migrant invaders then how can we possibly summon up the will to defend our political/economic interests around the world ?
    This sets a lethal precedent that will only encourage the contempt that our enemies have for us !

  • alfred5


    We are witnessing a major historical event in slow motion ; namely the collapse of national will and self belief of the so called leadership class of the EU ; it is akin to the sudden collapse of the East Bloc in 89-91 ; it has been aided and abetted by the liberal MSM engaged in pathological altruism and mindless moralism ; our pathetic leaders have been intimidated by PC and emotionally blackmailed by irresponsible TV footage of so called ”refugees”

    We have been in a ”Cold War ” with the developing world since WW2 ; they have always been threatening to invade but strong borders and immigration enforcement kept them at bay , but something sinister has gone wrong ; word has gotten out to the Third World that we no longer have the will to defend our borders ; that we are a ”soft touch” ; they will gate crash us and will not take NO for an answer

    World Wide satilite TV has informed them of our weakness ; a goat herder from Pakistan or an illiterate fisherman from the Congo has an intimate peephole to view our affluence , hedonism and decadence ; naturally they want a piece of the action; they will not miss the opportunity ..momentum is building and soon it will be an avalanche

  • alfred5

    We have lost control of our borders and the whole of the developing world knows it ; they have intuitively recognized weakness and will hit us with the population bomb ..Germany has denied bogus requests for asylum from hundreds of thousands but very few of them have actually been deported ; they just refuse to leave or disappear into the shadows ..THIS is a major historical event happening in slow motion , but in front of our very eyes

    Civil wars, tyranny or famines are nothing new to the Third world but why is it that suddenly they have the right to come to the EU ? There was a civil war in the Lebanon in 1975 but there were no amarda of boat people washing up in Italy ; there was a famine in Ethiopia in 1984 but they didn’t trek across Africa and gate crash our borders ..why is it they are suddenly coming here?

    There is a road from Syria to Saudi Arabia , so why aren’t the ”refugees” taking it instead of risking their lives crossing the MED ; exactly how many refugees have the rich Muslim Gulf States taken ? NONE !

    We have been betrayed by our spineless leaders whose primary duty is to protect their citizens from invasion, whether violent or non violent; they are paralyzed by P C , intimidated by the MSM and emotionally blackmailed by film footage

    • Angel Martin

      “…they are paralyzed by P C..”

      No. They want this to happen. They want to change the demographics of the countries they “rule”.

      “Progressive” politicians all over the west are having increasing trouble getting real citizens to vote for them. So they want to import their majorities from the third world.

      • alfred5

        nope ..conspiracy theories are attempts at sophistication by the uninformed

  • alfred5

    The political kaleidoscope is slowly coming into clear focus ; the EU is under a three pronged attack ; firstly , from migrants coming from the failed state of Libya in a naval flotilla ; secondly from an increasing number of sub Saharan Africans coming into the Spanish enclave at the straights of Gibraltar and third , the migration through Turkey into the Greek islands that is on temporary hold due to a large blackmail payment by the EU to the nefarious Turks; unfortunately they will never be satisfied with the filthy lucre and will opportunistically send migrants against us in a tidal wave to hold us to ransom; they will use migrants as weapons , like a gun to the head, to extort more money

  • Angel Martin

    Most commenters are, I think, misinterpreting this as a failure of the EU leadership, or a collapse of the West… etc.

    I don’t think so.

    This is deliberate. These politicians want open borders. They want a third world demographic shift to balance out the “deplorables” who are increasingly voting against them.

    JC Junker said “We know what to do. We don’t know how to do it and get re-elected.”

    This is how they are going to get re-elected.

    These migrants have no stake in the national histories of these European countries. Or a deep seated animus against a European superstate.

    The migrants will vote for the politicians who let them in.

  • D4x

    Good post, especially for pointing out how Italy deserves more respect from the EU, especially for the Italian Navy, which carries it’s weight in the NATO alliance.

  • Boritz

    Spain, not Italy, is the number one foreign vacation destination for Germans so not a bad choice for anyone wanting to make a foreign trip in the region. The Italian Chamber of Commerce should support their Navy by creating ads asking “Why do Germans prefer Spain?”

  • FriendlyGoat

    It’s hard to imagine any scenario in which Europe avoids being “in for a very long crisis indeed”. It has the misfortune of being “next door” to places where people need to escape over-population, climate change, inequality, under-employment, religious extremism and violence.

    • Jeff77450

      Escape or have the courage to make the needed changes.

  • Jeff77450

    Our third & last son graduated from college last year. My wife & I had been dreaming of the day when the brats were grown and on their own and we had some extra money. We had planned to explore Europe and the U.K. No more. There is much of America that we’ve never seen. America has its share of kooks and dangerous areas but for the most part we know where they are and can plan accordingly. Europe is committing suicide on multiple levels, just one of which is the inevitable impact on their tourist-industry.

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