Nuclear Dilemmas
Iran’s Banks Face Trouble from Within and Without
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  • Curious Mayhem

    The right thing to do is to scrap the Iranian nuclear deal as soon as possible and put the screws on the European countries that want to continue it. (Ironically, it was Obama who originally forced it on them.) It was a disaster and unconstitutionally implemented by the Obama administration. Everyone at the cabinet level or above involved in it, should have been impeached, convicted, and removed from office. The whole notion of normalizing the Iranian regime is a travesty. Since it was implemented by executive order, it can be scrapped the same way.

    It’s also past time to start labeling explicitly and publicly the lies that Obama and the people around him told to get this deal accepted. The latest, and actually not new, is that Rouhani is a moderate. He isn’t. He’s only the least extremist-sounding of the extremists. He’s relatively the least extreme candidate that Iranians could vote for. That’s why he won.

  • Fat_Man

    Sorry Dude. I am not buying it. Obama is a fool, and his acolytes are fools. Iran will not be a normal country in 10 years, 15 years, or 30 years. I do not know what it will be like, although smoking ruins is not out of the question. What happens to its banks is irrelevant.

    The rule of tyrannical regimes is that there are two ways they lose power. One is that they run out of money to pay the soldiers. Obama’s party favor of $150 billion and the revenue from oil sales will assure that problem does not arise in the foreseeable future.

    The other path is disputed succession. This is possible. The only ways to ensure a peaceful succession are a clear hereditary rule (e.g. Old Regime France where the eldest son was the Dauphin) or appointment before the death of the monarch. The later strategy was used often by the Romans. The problem with it is that heirs apparent may take it into their own hands to hasten the vesting of their estate. that would seem to be where Iran is.

    If there is a disputed succession, the odds favor the most ruthless candidate with the biggest army. That person is unlikely to be one that Americans would find congenial.

    The light at the end of the tunnel is a train headed towards us.

    • rheddles

      Tehran delenda est.

  • D4x

    “the perverse and embarrassing scene of the United States Secretary of State John Kerry” May, 2016 with European bankers surely did not top his January, 2014 Iran-team meeting with FM Lavrov in Paris, with the not-so-famous gift of Idaho potatoes, from a scuffed white box?

    Lavrov and Kerry photos really speak volumes about our relationship with Russia! It is fascinating to read Kerry’s justification for his four hour meet with Putin & Lavrov in Sochi, May 2015, rationalizing away the sanctions imposed on Russia for their behavior in the Ukraine.
    (photos not included with this post, because everyone looks more glum than the bankers on May, 2016)

    Apologies to Andrew Bernard, because this is an interesting post, especially having the guts to call out Team Kerry for their spin on Rouhani, the awkwardness of HR3364’s new sanctions on Iran, and skepticism over what could possibly happen by 2030…

    But, these photos from Paris, Jan 2014 have given me a puzzled smile for three years, and “the perverse and embarrassing scene of the United States Secretary of State John Kerry” deserves a lighter visual aid than Fat_Man’s “smoking ruins” and visual metaphor of Iran as “The light at the end of the tunnel is a train headed towards us.” coupled by rheddles chilling reminder of Carthage’s fate: Iran must be destroyed.
    Paris, Jan. 2014

    British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry meet on May 12, 2016, at No. 1 Carlton Gardens in London, U.K., with a group of European bankers to clarify for foreign banking institutions the rules regarding doing legitimate business with Iran in the aftermath of last year’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear deal.
    [State Department photo/ Public Domain]

    On cue, a thunderstorm strikes, ending speculation as to the symbolism of Idaho potato diplomacy and a nuclear Iran minting bitcoins out of Russian gold.

  • Trump is not in a hurry to dump the nuclear deal as much as he is eager to find a plausible pathway for addressing all of the concerns he has with Iran including terrorism, human rights and ballistic missiles.

  • adk

    “…the IAEA and other nuclear non-proliferation experts and monitors continue to state that Iran remains in compliance”
    If you self-inspect yourself, you are always in compliance.

    To put it in domestic terms, let’s just abolish IRS audits and add a line in tax returns:

    I swear I paid all the taxes I owed and nothing less.
    Taxpayer’s Signature ________

    • FriendlyGoat

      That’s actually the plan for the IRS today, as far as anyone can tell, but not necessarily the sworn statement. I think it’s more like:

      “I swear or affirm that this return has been prepared in accordance with my personal libertarian interpretation of the Constitution and alternative tax laws which should exist.”

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