Qatar Crisis
UAE Boycotts Western Banks With Qatari Ties
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  • Isaiah6020

    Muslims fighting other Muslims. It is a wonderful sight to behold. Remember Iran-Iraq war? That was cool. Would anyone really be against a conventional war between Saudi Arabia and Iran? No destroying oil infrastructure, purely as a population control exercise. Everybody wins.
    Frequently in the Bible, armies of different entities come against the Hebrews but end up fighting each other instead. History repeating itself. Again.

    • Ellen

      Precisely so. There is more truth in the Bible than on the Op-Ed page of the NY Times. If you read the predictions of Thomas Friedman over the last 30 years, regarding every single conflict in the MidEast, and you read the predictions of the Bible, guess which source is a more accurate indicator of the current geopolitical trends in the Mideast? The Times has been so far off in its analysis of the Mideast, they should simply stop pontificating on that subject entirely. Silence is better than gross misunderstanding and blatant ignorance.

    • D4x

      Good news where they did stop fighting each other, thanks to the de-escalation zone in SW Syria negotiated by the USA, Russia, and Jordan: “Syria’s Safe Zones: 1,500 People Pass Through Checkpoint in Daraa Province Daily © Sputnik/ Mikhail Alaeddin Middle East 12:27 07.08.2017”

      As for Dubai? They still have Arab Fashion Week every May.

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