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Strange News But Good News

The New York Times this morning has a story that more and more people are paying actual money for virtual goods; they are paying on-line retailers and social network sites to send virtual gifts to their friends.  You pay one dollar; they ‘ship’ the image of a champagne bottle to the on-line account of someone […]

The Gathering Storm

Now it begins.The conventional wisdom on Obama is going negative.  The Virginia and New Jersey elections were a tipping point: suddenly a lot of isolated bits of data jelled into a pattern.Now come new economic numbers; unemployment is officially in double digits for the first time since 1983.The next stage will come as more of […]

Babel, Queens

Most of the time I take my neighborhood for granted.  Walking home from the subway last Saturday, though, the neighborhood was looking positively Biblical.Specifically, it reminded me of the eleventh chapter in Genesis (Old Testament again, for those of you keeping track), in which the citizens of Babel decide to build a tower that will […]

Will Obama Be the Last Liberal President?

John Steele Gordon is one of the most interesting economic historians around.  This piece in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal looks at some of the most important changes going forward in the United States today.  You may not agree with his answers, but I think you’ll find that his questions make you think.

Penny for the Guy

Remember, remember, The Fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot!I only got to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day once when I was a kid, but it was definitely the Best Holiday Ever.Three hundred and five years ago today, a deranged Roman Catholic named Guy (aka Guido) Fawkes and a group of accomplices were caught in the […]

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Well, it’s not your real birthday, and I’m not Marilyn Monroe, but it is the first anniversary of your election – and the first time the voters have spoken since then.Welcome to the rest of your term.This isn’t the happiest day you’ve had in the White House.  Last night’s election returns weren’t what you’d hoped […]

In Bed With Warlords

It should be no surprise, I write today, that American officials desperately working to stave off military defeat and political collapse in Afghanistan find themselves cutting dirty deals with nasty people—like Hamid Karzai’s brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai. In Afghanistan,  a country that’s been involved in chaotic civil and international conflicts for thirty years, the people […]

Carpet Bombing

There’s a beautiful kilim on the blogging room floor here at the stately Mead manor in Jackson Heights; I bought it in Peshawar about three years ago when I was giving a series of lectures on American foreign policy across Pakistan.  I couldn’t buy it in the market; the security situation in Peshawar was so […]

Happy Birthday to Sam

Sam Ayres, the official intern here at Team Mead, is turning 23 years old today. In lieu of an actual gift, which would only turn his attention to material things and away from the intangible rewards of interning, I’m posting our first Occasional Poem in his honor: a sonnet that John Milton wrote on his […]

Felled By the Flu

Apologies to all who are checking this space, but posting has been slow for the last few days, and will be slow for at least a couple more.  Whether it’s the flu formerly known as swine or something even less glamorous, a virus of some kind is sweeping through Mead Global HQ.  I will spare […]

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Setting Sun

President Trump now has the option to levy import tariffs on solar panels that caused “serious injury” to U.S. producers.

the new culture wars

The policy that set in motion a fierce culture war over young people, sex, and the meaning of consent is no more.

Rogue Nations

Trump’s simultaneous confrontation of Pyongyang and Tehran could have unintended consequences.

Pricing Carbon

Interest in cap and trade has waxed—not waned—after Trump’s decision to pull out of Paris.

Spanish Secession

The EU is walking a fine line as it uneasily backs Spain’s clampdown on Catalan separatists.

Examining the Energiewende

On the heels of news that Berlin will fall short of an emissions target, a new study says Germany will miss a renewable energy consumption goal.

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