Carpet Bombing
Published on: October 28, 2009
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  • Ben

    But what could be done in the short term to improve US-Pakistan relations without endangering the progress made with India?

  • Julia

    What is your opinion on the Kerry-Lugar bill? It seems well-intentioned, but even with the amendments that have been made, an inevitable source of frustration and anger in Pakistan.

  • Sandeep Yadav

    Pakistan has become a problem none smaller than climate change, not only for India but for the world as well. Unfortunately, the scale is yet to dawn on most of the global “players”. Pakistan has all the ingredients for most catastrofic disasters boiling in the pot: a ‘Large’ population fed on radical Islamism with easy access to AK-47 and worse “Export organisations” with deep pockets; crippled economy; a nonfunctional democracy; a military and political class surviving on jingoism, conflict and fear; Insecure nuclear weapons.

    Pakistan’s potential to cripple the Whole world through an out of control terrorism is too great to ignore, yet the players of the game of the Nations ignore it. Why?

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  • Michael

    The most singular issue in the region is the prevalent Pakistani paranoia and yes mostly related to India in the case of the gov but the people in the street are more and more conditioned to thinking it is the west that is at fault, the mullahs have been active in the pulpits. Until the gov and army of Pakistan start to face reality and ensure that the population understands the real issues Pakistan is going to be a powder keg just waiting to go off and destroy all those around it.

  • Billy

    Sandeep, i can see where you coming from and your biased opinion. Anyways, back to the point. I think U.S would do a world of a good to its interest and Pakistan’s by withdrawing from Afghanistan. The pakistanis think that the U.S have a year left in Afghanistan before packing up and once again they have to clean up the mess in afghanistan left by the U.S and clear india out of its backyard.

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