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Walter Russell Mead
Editor-at-large, The American Interest Online.
The Mueller Effect
President Trump Sweats in Public

Could it be that the President is less worried about the probe of his Russia dealings than about a general investigation with no set limits?

Optics My Dear Boy
The Private Putin Meeting and Trump’s Legitimacy

Trump’s willingness to meet with Putin without even an American interpreter present was at best a sign that he hasn’t mastered some of the most basic elements of his job.

Moral... and Smart
Macron Denounces Anti-Semitism

The French President’s statement helps consolidate the middle ground in France that he hopes will back him while enhancing his moral and political stature in both Germany and the United States.

coasting toward the cliff
Why Aren’t Greens More Worried About the Budget?

Unsustainable entitlement spending is a major threat to the environmentalist agenda.

The Republic in Peril
Trump Scandal Festers While Country Burns

The election of Donald Trump is a manifestation of our society’s inability to cope with our changing times.

Erdogan on Paris
Show Me the Money!

A climate change of heart? Turkey could leave Paris accord if it doesn’t get the promised cash.

Diplomacy in Action
The India-Israel Breakthrough

Modi’s trip to Israel is a big bilateral breakthrough—and a sign that Israel is poised for a new era of diplomatic progress.

the best of intentions...
Shocker: Costly Social Engineering Program Fails to Work

Liberal good intentions translated into legislation and policy don’t always produce the intended results.

Investors Losing Faith in Trump?

If the GOP fails to produce results with its extraordinary mandate, the cost to the party brand could be severe.

The Future of Work
Japan’s Labor Shortage Will Change the World

Coping with the labor shortage in Japan will accelerate robotization, with profound effects for the global economy.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
The Mueller Effect

Could it be that the President is less worried about the probe of his Russia dealings than about a general investigation with no set limits?

Crude Economics

Ecuador is ignoring OPEC demands to reduce output.

1990s Redux

The result came down to ethnocultural identification among the decision-makers more than lawyerly arguments and fact-checks.

lower education

American high schools are giving out higher and higher grades even as real academic ability stagnates.

Netanyahu in Europe

Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic agree that the EU should stand closer with Israel.

*cough* climate leadership *cough*

Greens might want to hold off on anointing Beijing as the next global green leader.

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