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Fifty Shades of Czech Populism

This year’s Czech elections prove that politically disruptive populism does not line up exclusively with extreme right-wing ideologies.

Published on: October 23, 2017
Aviezer Tucker is the author of The Legacies of Totalitarianism: A Theoretical Framework (Cambridge University Press, 2015) and The Philosophy and Politics of Czech Dissidence from Patocka to Havel (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2000). He is an observer of Czech politics who has spent many years living and working in the country.
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  • Boritz

    “As we knew already, populist voters today deify tycoons and vilify politicians in a kind of secular religious faith that worships the God of Mammon.”

    Just as we already knew that enlightened journalists and writers deify and vilify in reverse order in the worship of power and elitism.

  • Stefan Geisler

    Absolutely spot-on – congrats

  • nikkkom

    > “underlying social calm, along with good location and a reasonably skilled and disciplined work force”

    This is awful. How dare those xenophobes to live like this?

    > “ordinary Czechs are afraid of Muslim migration, especially of the potential formation of Muslim enclaves. They see the less-than-successful assimilation of second-generation Muslim migrants in France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and other continental West European countries, and they recoil.”

    How dare they to look at other countries’ experience and draw conclusions from it?

    > “That said, there has never been a foreign terrorist attack on Czech soil, and there are today no migrant ethnic ghettos in the country.”

    Completely unacceptable, racist and islamophobic situation. Don’t they know in Prague that the normal life in a big city is to have a terrorist attack about once per month? London managed to achieve it, why Prague is not following this fine example?

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