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The Middle East & Beyond
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law and order
Immigration, Polarization, and Identity Theft Fraud

Could dealing with the plague of identity theft fraud become a basis for a new, centrist effort at immigration reform?

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The Middle East & Beyond
Shocked and Surprised

The revelations of a “resistance within” the Trump Administration are surprising in their details. But what is happening now was always inherent in the idea of a Trump presidency.

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N+ Problems
The U.S.-Turkish Unraveling and the Arabs

The security ramifications of a permanent break between the United States and Turkey would be far greater than commonly realized.

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The Middle East
Turkish Disconnections

The press is spilling plenty of ink on the U.S.-Turkey crisis, but precious little of the coverage is connecting the dots.

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Dulled and Dangerous
Terror and Stupefaction

Why do so many instances of terrorist violence involve drug use and abuse?

Plainting by the Numbers

We are clearly at the end of an era. Making or missing spurious military spending targets has nothing to do with it.

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National Insecurity
Terrorism and Fear

Fear is politically fungible, able to migrate stealthily from one cause to others, and from one host to others. Fear can also pool or coalesce around shocking experiences. These gymnastic capacities are what give terrorism its social and, ultimately, its political punch.

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Unintended Consequences
Singapore Slinging

Sometimes, things done for the wrong reasons have a chance of working out well.

Necessary Myth Maintenance
Pioneers of the Next America

The road to renewal in America begins with re-learning how to tell the story of our shared national destiny.

Old Made New
Terror and Charisma

The forms of social authority capable of motivating individuals to engage in acts of violence and terror are not constant across all societies. Differing social structures, as well as different cultures associated with them, affect which modes of persuasion and manipulation work best to generate the worst sorts of behavior.

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