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The Middle East & Beyond
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Limited Options
Seriously: A U.S.-Nork Summit Revisited

Why the idea of a Trump-Kim summit has some merit—if handled properly, that is.

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Church and State
Can Americans Count to Three?

The Anglo-Protestant basis of U.S. foreign policy.

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The Middle East & Beyond
The Syria Chemical Weapons Portfolio Thickens

The yawning duplicity of the Syrian regime and its Russian lawyers grows wider, and the irresponsible claims of the Obama Administration become more obvious than ever.

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Grand Strategy
Beyond the Blobbers

The chatter that passes for foreign policy debate these days is not happening at the level of grand strategy, and fails to look broadly at the circumstances the United States finds itself in.

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The Middle East & Beyond
After Parkland: An FBI Post Datum

Yes, the FBI faces structural problems common to large organizations of its kind, but it is also not the most efficient or effective at dealing with those problems.

The Trouble With Optimism
Syria in the Rear-View Mirror

The fanciful belief that things can’t get any worse in the Syrian civil war is about to be tested.

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The Middle East & Beyond
After Parkland

It is easy to get emotional in the wake of the latest school shooting, but emotions alone won’t solve this problem. What will?

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Statue of St. Brighid. Wikimedia Commons
The Middle East & Beyond
Happy Imbolc!

The sacred origins of the now thoroughly secular Groundhog’s Day.

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Trump’s State of the Union Coup

America’s reality-TV President just hit the celebrity political jackpot.

Alternative Facts
The Etiology of Faked News

How technology supercharged the spread of disinformation, and what we can do about it.

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