Sobchak Runs for President
Russia’s Potemkin Democracy Goes Glamorous

Ksenia Sobchak’s sham presidential run shows how corrupt and tightly-controlled Russia’s system really is.

Published on: October 22, 2017
Karina Orlova is staff writer for The American Interest and Washington correspondent for Echo of Moscow radio.
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  • AnonymoussSoldier

    What’s the first thing I think of while reading this? the DNC. Superdelegates. Shafting Sanders. Cheating. Isn’t that the funny part? Donna Brazile, the proven cheater and liar, on the DNC rules committee. There we go. With so much in common, it’s no wonder that the Democrats, Obama, Clinton, Holder, conspired with Russian oligarchs to sell them so much uranium.

    • Pait

      This post by a trollbot received upvotes by 9 profiles. Some of them are habitual commenters in this page. Are they also trollbots, or are they human fellow travelers?

      • Anthony

        Excellent observation and question.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Sounds like a remarkable opportunity for Russian church-based voters to tell us what they like and believe (or don’t like and don’t believe).

  • wave

    Well western press as been talking of her in a mostly positive light since a week or so ago so she as pretty much no chance of winning now (not that she had much before) but if every joe russian figures out western press is positive on her thats a big alarm sign for them. pretty much torpedos any chance she could have had.

    • adk

      Is that it, her main problem being praised by the western press? And otherwise she could have had a chance of winning?

      You have no clue what you are talking about.

  • Bankotsu

    “Russian elections are a farce, and everyone who participates in the process is only contributing to the charade.”

    Didn’t U.S. help to rig the Russian elections in 1996 for Yeltsin to win?

    U.S. also contributed to the farce, so why is U.S. ranting about Russia now? Russia learned all this elections charade from the U.S.

    It was the U.S. who taught Russia to rig elections.

    • adk

      Oh, come on, comrade — don’t be so modest — Russia didn’t need anybody to teach it how to rig an election. Putin simply restored the great Russian/Soviet tradition of vote rigging where a single candidate was selected by a regional Communist Party Committee to run unopposed and destined to receive 99.{some fraction} percent of the votes.

      “In theory, citizens selected the candidates for election to local soviets. In practice, at least before the June 1987 elections, these candidates had been selected by local CPSU, Komsomol, and trade union officials under the guidance of the district (raion) party organization. Elections took place after six weeks of campaigning, and the candidates, until 1987 always unopposed candidates, had usually received more than 99 percent of the vote.”


  • Виген

    Karina, You collected disconnected facts or semi facts into a story that does not proof anything. If you listen to Sobchak’s talks she is very very critical of Putin and Kremlin. No less than Navalnyj. Except she reaches very wide audience in Russia which Navalny can’t do since he is restricted by the system. And so as opposition leader she is defacto much more effective. Navalnyj is super brave, of course, and does a huge amount of important anti-coruption work, but he seems to have some personality issues. Appears unable to cooperate with other leaders, a lonely wolf. and so Sobchak seems to be much more capable to lead the Russian opposition.
    Please look at what she says and does now with open fresh mind. What happened 10-20 years ago or even 5 doesn’t matter anymore.

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