Andrew A. Michta
The Brussels Summit
NATO’s Binary Moment

Will U.S. and European officials start seeing eye to eye about NATO obligations, or will this summit mark the beginning of the end?

Of Immigration and National Identity
Europeans in Search of Themselves

From east to west, Europeans are struggling to answer the most fundamental national question: Who are we?

NATO En Route to Brussels
The Fracturing of the Transatlantic Community

The national security consequences of increasingly polarized publics have not yet registered in debates about the collective defense of the West. 

The Wages of Undemocratic Liberalism
The Rising Tide of Europe’s Anti-Establishment Rebellion

The Italian elections have shown us yet again what the European public is asking of its leaders. Will they listen now?

HMS Queen Elizabeth and USS George H.W. Bush (Wikimedia Commons)
Re-Anchoring NATO
The US Needs to Boost Bilateral Relationships in Europe

And it should start by focusing on the “strategic triad” of the United Kingdom, Germany, and Poland.

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European Disunion
The Fading of the Idea of Central Europe

Will the European rift widen in 2018?

Ian Waldie/Getty Images
Don’t Sweat Institutions, Fix Relationships

Europe is running out of time to overcome its conceptual inertia.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Let's Get Serious
Europe Revisits Common Defense, Yet Again…

But without a clear vision the effort isn’t likely to add up to anything meaningful.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
A Demography Dilemma
Europe in the Shadows of Middle East Immigration

The demographic crisis affecting E.U. countries will not be solved by the many young immigrants coming from North Africa and the Middle East.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images
A Continent in Flux
The Twilight of an Era in Europe

Four key currents are reshaping and redefining the European project, whether Europe’s leaders like it or not.

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