Peter Pomerantsev
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Defending Journalists in an Era of “Destroyed Rights”

The vicious digital campaign to silence Filipino news site Rappler and its editor Maria Ressa makes clear that it’s time for a new accord on human rights online.

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Losing the Narrative
Under the Information Rubble

What happens when the stories through which we make sense of the world collapse?

Composite by Danielle Desjardins
English Irony
The New British Exceptionalism

For all their differences, Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson both link humor, national identity, and an attachment to England’s imperial importance in ways that point to common national pathologies.

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Of Sausages and Kings
Individualism and the Disinformation State

Freedom of speech, freedom to access and produce information, and a hyper-individualized sense of “self”—all symbols of the 20th-century struggle for human rights—have been turned on their head by savvy, repressive regimes.

Our Russian Future
The Age of Flux

The future arrived in Russia first, and then spread to the West, with all the now too-familiar negative consequences. But for all its tragedy, there was also a sense of possibility then—as now.

Western Woland
Moscow’s Demons

Where does it come from, this Russian need to portray the West as either ideal or enemy?

Gage Skidmore, from Wikimedia Commons
Unreliable Narratives
Sean Hannity’s Learned Helplessness

The Fox News host’s radical relativism is all too familiar to anyone acquainted with Russian propaganda.

New/Old Cold War
Jokes and the Death of Narratives

The whole grand “Western” narrative of the postwar era is coming unglued. Can we piece together a new one?

brave new world
Disinformation All the Way Down

Reality is no longer what you think it is.

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False Dichotomies
Globalists Don’t Exist

I would know, because I am one.

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