Andrew Wood
Russia 2018-2024
Society and Rulers

A pall of uncertainty has descended on Russia in the run-up to the next presidential elections and beyond.

Russia 2018-2024
The Framework of the Power Structures

Does Putin have anything to offer Russia in 2018 other than further concentrating power in his own hands?

After Putin
The Mirror of Justice in Russia

Russia’s judicial system is designed to sustain the primacy of the state over its citizens, but there is a cost to using such a tool—and that cost is rising.

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Russia and the West
Fake Words

How familiar-sounding words and outmoded habits of mind mislead Russian-Western relations.

Russia's Past and Future
Russia in Wonderland

Putin—along with many Russians—continues to chase fantasies of Russia’s past glory, at the expense of his country’s future.

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Russia and the West
The Hollow Men

Far from formidable, Vladimir Putin and those around him in the Kremlin have made themselves prisoners of the past.

Term Limits
What Comes Next in Russia?

Change is coming to the Kremlin, sooner or later. The West should consider the implications.

Political Decay
Real Putinism

The Russian state as it is today is more akin to the world as it was in the beginning: without form, and void.

Russia and the West
After Putin

Putin’s poll numbers may be sky high now, but not even he and his inner circle believe they will stay that way for long.

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Russia and the West
The Putin Era and the Narrowing of Russia’s Horizons

How is it that Russia looped away from the Soviet matrix in the late 1980s, only to recreate so much of it between 1991 and now? The conclusion of a two-part essay. Read part one here.

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