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The French Connection
Multiculturalism and the World Cup

Why American liberals celebrating the French team’s “Africanness” are making common cause with Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Face to Face
There Is No Art of the Deal in Helsinki

There is no “grand bargain” on Syria and Ukraine on offer. Not even a smaller one—just focusing on Syria—is likely to work.

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Pressuring Putin
The West Must Step Up Russia Sanctions

The Trump Administration’s newest sanctions are another step in the right direction. But after the attack in the UK, much more can and should be done to deter Moscow.

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Don’t Rehabilitate Obama on Russia

President Trump’s boasts about him being tougher on Russia than his predecessor may ring hollow—but they’re true.

The New Battlefield
Warfare on the Web

A new book by David Patrikarakos explores how social media has changed armed conflict in the 21st century.

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The New European Politics
The Key to Kurz’s Victory

Much like Macron, the fresh-faced Austrian leader rose to political prominence amid a surge of European populism—and is testing a new way to handle the challenge.

The Secrets of His Success

How liberal politicians can harness populist energy, too.

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Islam and Europe
The NYT’s Veil Fail

Silencing liberals and moderate conservatives in the debate about Islamic religious practices in Europe will only pave the way for more populist successes.

François Fillon (ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP/Getty Images)
The Populist Surge
Election Drama à la Française

If you miss the excitement of campaign season, look to France, where next year’s presidential race promises to be a crucial reckoning of the challenges facing Europe.

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Europe and Islam
The Facts and Figures on French Muslims

A think tank report sheds new light on how Islam is practiced (and not practiced) in France.

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