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From the Archives
The Paradise Papers: A Reading Guide

As the Paradise Papers stir public debate about offshore finance and dirty money, seven articles from the TAI archives provide a guide to the legal, political, and moral questions at stake.

European Disunion
Cracks Widen in Catalonia

In forcing Catalonia to clarify its intentions on independence, Madrid is chipping away at the separatists’ facade of unity.

Development and Its Discontents
How Effective Is China’s Foreign Aid?

A new data dive offers mixed evidence, confirming some prevailing narratives and confounding others.

Spy Games
Politico: China Abducted American With Impunity

Another disturbing chapter in the Obama-era spy wars.

Pressuring Pyongyang
The Bittersweet Fruits of Trump’s North Korea Policy

The administration is notching a series of tactical victories in isolating Pyongyang—but in service of a strategic objective that is widely seen as unachievable.

Himalayan Standoff
Is the India-China Border Heating Up Again?

Up to 1,000 Chinese troops are lingering near disputed terrain with India, building a road near the site of this summer’s face-off.

Canada's Magnitsky Act
The Russia Lobby Flops in Canada

In Canada, Moscow’s influence campaigns aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Strange Bedfellows
Japan Wants a Piece of China’s Belt and Road

As major Japanese firms try to tap into Xi Jinping’s infrastructure agenda, Shinzo Abe is sending some friendly signals to Beijing.

Asia's Game of Thrones
Trump Tightens Thai Ties

Despite criticism from the human rights crowd, Trump’s outreach to the Thais is a welcome course correction to the Obama policy.

Spain's Secessionists
A Pyrrhic Victory in Catalonia

There are no real winners from Sunday’s referendum—and no clear path forward for the separatists.

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