Charles Davidson
A Conversation
Going After the Enablers

We sat down with Bill Browder to talk about how many Western lawyers, bankers, and financiers—the enablers of foreign kleptocrats and human rights abusers—have a lot to worry about with the passage of the Global Magnitsky Act.

A Message from the Publisher
An Important Announcement

A quick note on the path forward.

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TAI Conversations
Around the World with Bernard-Henri Lévy

BHL discusses the changing global order and the state of the West in the age of Trump.

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A Conversation With William Browder
“We’ve Now Gotten Putin’s Attention”

The American Interest speaks with the architect of the Magnitsky Act to learn why the latest sanctions on Russia have hit so much harder than past ones, and what they may presage for the future.

From The Publisher
A Note To Our Readers

Walter’s increasingly busy schedule—and the pressure of a long overdue book manuscript—has forced him to take a step back from daily journalism—at least for now.

Money Matters
Cleaning Up the Financial World

Senator Carl Levin talks to TAI about his legacy and current trends.

news analysis
Race and Class in America
After the Wire

TAI was ahead of the game with our series of articles on race and class in America in 2012. Take a look, dear readers.

Welcome to the New Site

As the new site launches, a few words from the business side of the magazine.

A Conversation With William Browder
How to Wield the Capital Weapon

In mid-April, American Interest publisher Charles Davidson spoke with Hermitage Capital co-founder and CEO William Browder about the ongoing impact of the Magnitsky Act, which he championed, amid the Ukraine crisis and the intensifying worldwide fight against financial corruption.

Money & Corruption in Modern Europe
Why The EU Fears Putin

Vladimir Putin’s actions in Crimea indicate just how confident he is that he has the West over a barrel. And given how the Europeans are hesitating to impose targeted sanctions on Russia’s kleptocratic elite, his calculations may prove to be correct.

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