Michael Mandelbaum
Migration and Its Discontents
The Impacts of Immigration: Europe vs. America

The consequences of immigration will be harsher, and the problems to which it gives rise less manageable, in the European Union than in the United States.

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Checkbook Diplomacy
How the West Was Saved

The Marshall Plan has a good claim to being the most successful diplomatic initiative that the United States has ever undertaken—and Benn Steil’s new book only strengthens the case.

Economics 101
Rebooting the Dismal Science

Candor, humility, and a greater openness to a variety of approaches—three ways to make economics great again as a serious field of study.

Grand Strategy
America’s Global Role in Question

Thomas Wright’s book from last year correctly diagnosed our foreign policy predicament. The extent to which his prescriptions are unworkable in the Age of Trump tells us even more.

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Historical Anniversaries
1968 Plus 50 Years: The Irony of History

With half a century of hindsight, 1968 appears less a global turning point than an example of one of history’s signal features—irony.

Culture in America
The Meaning of the Super Bowl

In the age of drones, football is war between individual men.

A Year in Review
The Trump Presidency, Year One

Five takeaways from the first year of the Trump presidency.

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New History
What Was the Cold War?

Odd Arne Westad’s near-definitive account of the Cold War gets the big things right.

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The Six-Day War
1967’s Gift to America

The importance of Israeli regional military supremacy to U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

The Iceberg Cometh

It’s a new convergence of the twain: The iceberg of anti-globalism approaches the ship of Western democracy.

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