Michael Mandelbaum
Xi's Power Play
Revolution in China. Again.

Unpacking the murky motives for Xi Jinping’s Chinese revolution.

The Trump Presidency, Year Two

A weak president with a talent for creating a spectacle finishes the year more free to be himself, for better and for worse.

Small Nations
Estonia and the Kindness of Strangers

Estonia has expertly played the hand it has been given by history, building a model small democratic nation in the 20th century. But its size and geography mean its fate is still not in its own hands.

Still Good
The Sprightly 230-Year-Old

How much are our current political difficulties the product of a Constitution that is showing its age? Less than you might think.

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Lessons from Literature
The Third France

The “Bruno” detective novels of Martin Walker showcase the enduring appeal of French village life in the new world of the 21st century.

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A Lesson in Leadership
The Bibi Paradox

Israel’s Prime Minister is a wildly successful statesman who is nonetheless widely disliked. What accounts for this?

A Literary Lament
The End of an Era

This May marked the loss of four masterful men of letters—men with no obvious successors, whose careers would be all but impossible today.

Migration and Its Discontents
The Impacts of Immigration: Europe vs. America

The consequences of immigration will be harsher, and the problems to which it gives rise less manageable, in the European Union than in the United States.

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Checkbook Diplomacy
How the West Was Saved

The Marshall Plan has a good claim to being the most successful diplomatic initiative that the United States has ever undertaken—and Benn Steil’s new book only strengthens the case.

Economics 101
Rebooting the Dismal Science

Candor, humility, and a greater openness to a variety of approaches—three ways to make economics great again as a serious field of study.

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