Sean Keeley
Assistant Editor/Writer
Spanish Secession
Brussels Keeps Its Distance From Catalan Crackdown

The EU is walking a fine line as it uneasily backs Spain’s clampdown on Catalan separatists.

Reactive Measures
The Russian Interference Racket

Moscow’s 2016 election interference demands a serious and sober response. Instead we are getting an uninformed hysteria, empowering partisans and posers alike.

German Election Watch
The Deceptive Contentment of the German Electorate

Polls in Germany show strong support for Merkel and the status quo—but storm clouds loom beyond Sunday’s elections.

Asia's Game of Thrones
China Capitalizes on Rohingya Crisis

As Myanmar cracks down on the Rohingya and the West wags fingers, Beijing sees an opportunity.

Land of the Rising Gun
Will Pyongyang Make Tokyo Arm Up?

As North Korea’s missiles fly over Japan, the debate about Tokyo’s defense posture is heating up.

Russia and the West
War Games Meet Mind Games

NATO is alarmed about Moscow’s major military exercises with Belarus—but too much panic could play right into Russia’s hands.

Pressuring Pyongyang
Trump Threatens the Big Banks in China

In targeting the banks that are enabling Pyongyang, Trump could take a page out of the Iran sanctions playbook.

Asia's Game of Thrones
Abe and Modi’s Alliance Keeps Chugging Along

Motivated by a shared fear of China, India and Japan are expanding their commitments to each other.

Return From Exile
Stateless Saakashvili Storms Ukraine

The ex-Georgian President’s dramatic return to Ukraine sets up a showdown with President Poroshenko. Whoever wins, Ukraine loses.

Jupiter Goes to Athens
Macron Gins Up Great Expectations in Greece

The French President’s ambitious agenda for EU reform will endear him to Athens—but it could set him on a collision course with Berlin.

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