Sean Keeley
Assistant Editor/Writer
Asia's Game of Thrones
Abe and Modi’s Alliance Keeps Chugging Along

Motivated by a shared fear of China, India and Japan are expanding their commitments to each other.

Return From Exile
Stateless Saakashvili Storms Ukraine

The ex-Georgian President’s dramatic return to Ukraine sets up a showdown with President Poroshenko. Whoever wins, Ukraine loses.

Jupiter Goes to Athens
Macron Gins Up Great Expectations in Greece

The French President’s ambitious agenda for EU reform will endear him to Athens—but it could set him on a collision course with Berlin.

Asia's Game of Thrones
Indian Army Chief: We Must Brace for a Two-Front War

So much for burying the hatchet with Beijing.

European Disunion
Is the Visegrad Group Splitting Apart?

Cracks are showing in the group’s common defiance of Brussels. How significant are they?

The Nork's Nukes
Haley: No More Can-Kicking on North Korea

But what happens after the road runs out?

German Election Watch
Merkel’s Vulnerabilities Resurface

A coming surge of migrants and a controversial fiscal stance could complicate Merkel’s life after a likely re-election.

The Nork's Nukes
Can North Korea Be Contained?

There are no short-term fixes to the North Korean crisis, only a long-term containment challenge.

After Maidan
Ukraine Is Still Its Own Worst Enemy

Kyiv’s “patronal” politics and soft authoritarianism could extinguish the promise of the Maidan, just as they did the Orange Revolution before it.

Asia's Game of Thrones
China and India Disengage in Doklam

It’s a sudden end to a smoldering standoff between Beijing and New Delhi—but who was the one that blinked?

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