European Disunion
Cracks Widen in Catalonia
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  • Angel Martin

    Catalonia is like Scotland in that, they were going to declare themselves “independent and sovereign”.

    But they also had to request: “Oh, by the way, we have seceded but can you continue to pay pensions, unemployment insurance, welfare, medical costs …etc. etc. … for the next few years until we get ourselves organized.”

    • MikePM

      “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”
      -Mao Tse Tung

      I think it’s more of a case that if Madrid decides to play hardball and come in with full force, they will utterly crush the dissidents, and Catalonia knows it.

      • Angel Martin

        the problem with that is you move a small majority separatist movement to unanimous. And then you have an insurgency with the host population 100% against you.

        The Spanish central gov’t had this thing under control by calling the separatists bluff – but then they did this:

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