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Damir Marusic
Executive Editor. Twitter: @dmarusic
Identity Politics Unleashed
Charlottesville and Our Crisis of Political Legitimacy

The Republic is in bad shape—not because of Charlottesville, but because of how our politics are playing out in its aftermath.

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Report: Ukraine Sold Rocket Technology to North Korea

The story is less who made the sale, but that the sale happened at all.

Sanctions Options
The Least Bad Option in Venezuela

It might be more satisfying to try to punish Maduro’s odious regime more forcefully. But the current, measured, targeted sanctions are the best way forward.

How Obama’s Weakness Encouraged Russian Election Meddling

From the mysterious death of Mikhail Lesin in Washington DC to the assault on an American in front of our embassy in Moscow, President Obama was very careful in calibrating his responses to Russian provocations throughout 2016. Too careful.

The Fracas in Caracas
Violence Flares After Venezuela’s Sham Elections

Sanctions against Maduro’s barbarous regime may be warranted, but the danger lies in putting the U.S. front-and-center.

Junior's Russia Meetings
All The Dots, Connected

A look at the networks connecting the various Russians attending Donald Trump, Jr.’s notorious meeting shows us just what the Russian state is—and what it wants.

Bad Tsar/Good Boyars
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The Paradoxes of Trump’s Russia Strategy

Donald Trump’s cabinet has managed to construct a pretty sound approach to Russia—despite the Commander in Chief.

G20 Wrapup
Climate Politics and the English Language

George Orwell rolls over in his grave.

No Puppet
How To Read the Trump-Putin Meeting

Is outreach to Russia a wise move? Probably not. But President Trump is going in stronger than most give him credit for.

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Are Democrats Waking Up to Russia Insanity?

After Georgia, it’s good to see a prominent member of the Democratic Party waking up to just how much they have been hurting themselves by fixating on the Russia collusion issue.

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Hugging the News Cycle
German Election Watch

With her opponents already on the back foot, Merkel takes aim at the former SDP leader’s Russian business ties.

Poisoning the Well

Turkey’s President Erdogan has declared that all three of Germany’s largest parties are the enemies of Turks.

How do you solve a problem like Korea?

As Chinese businessmen protest the latest sanctions, will China’s cooperation on North Korea last?


If you game it out, it’s not certain he will be able to pull it off.

Fracking Abroad

The UK could use that shale gas, but geology and public opinion remain major hurdles.

Asia's Game of Thrones

As the Sikkim border standoff festers, Sino-Indian tensions are flaring up in Kashmir.

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