Damir Marusic
Executive Editor
A Failed Deterrent
The Case for Russia Sanctions

Sanctions on Russia are not achieving their desired result for a whole slew of reasons. We should keep them in place anyway.

A Fight Over Sanctions
The Great Oligarch Whitewash

A strange campaign is afoot to cleanse the reputations of several oligarchs targeted by the latest round of Russia sanctions. Don’t buy into it.

Superpower Without a Cause
America the Erratic

Trump quitting the Iran Deal illustrates how foreign policy decision-making fundamentally changed after 2008.

A Letter from Germany
Dealing with the Dignity Deficit

Are the grievances tearing our societies apart at this hyper-polarized moment insurmountable? A week with some AfD voters and politicians gave me a measure of hope.

The Dangers of Democratic Determinism

Why neoconservatives, liberal internationalists, and democracy activists are misreading the present moment.

Correcting Conventional Wisdom
Strictly Speaking, Populists Do Not Exist

Populism is a means of doing politics, not an ideology. Getting this simple fact wrong leads well-meaning people down dangerous, anti-democratic paths.

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Faustian Bargain
To End Foreign Meddling, End Anonymity

Democratic sovereignty, free speech, perfect anonymity: pick two.

No Going Back
The End of Liberalism?

Democracy is doing just fine at this populist moment. Liberalism, however, is being destroyed by its most fervent supporters.

Parsing the President
The “New” Afghanistan Strategy

It’s a lot like the old Afghanistan strategy, but with Trumpian characteristics.

Identity Politics Unleashed
Charlottesville and Our Crisis of Political Legitimacy

The Republic is in bad shape—not because of Charlottesville, but because of how our politics are playing out in its aftermath.

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