Jamie Horgan
Assistant Editor/Writer
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April 8 2024
America’s Next Eclipse Is a Threat to National Security

This year’s total solar eclipse was fun, but the next one will expose solar power’s biggest weakness.

The Golden Age of Natural Gas

Thanks to the American shale boom and a newly globalized market, natural gas is changing geopolitics around the globe.

Fracking Abroad
Britain Drills Its First Shale Well Since 2011

The UK could use that shale gas, but geology and public opinion remain major hurdles.

The North American Energy Boom
A Mexican Oil Renaissance Could Thaw US Relations

Build offshore oil rigs, not walls.

Fuel on the Fire
Diesel Is Driving Election Narratives in Germany

How a transport fuel became one of the biggest issues in this year’s German election:

Petrostates in Peril
Are OPEC’s Cuts Working?

Petrostates are unhappy, which may be all you need to know.

Science Says
One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

What a leaked report on climate science tells us about the link between extreme weather and climate change.

Winter Is Here
The Geopolitical Costs of America’s Nuclear Winter

China and Russia are taking advantage of America’s absence to export nuclear power technologies all around the world.

Examining the Energiewende
The Kaiser Has No Clothes

Don’t fall for Merkel’s green hype.

news analysis
Nuclear Meltdown
America’s Biggest Energy Problem

It’s not the decline of coal or the intermittency of renewables, but rather our aging fleet of nuclear reactors.

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