Stumbling Shale
Fracking Fails in Scotland
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  • rheddles

    England should secede.

  • LarryD

    Geology aside, the most important advantage the US has had is our mineral rights laws. Which follow from the perspective that our people are citizens, not subjects.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Ensuring that all shale development occurs in America, isn’t that going to Make America Great Again? How did Trump arraign this?

  • Obviously there’s no way I would consent to fracking on my property unless I was cut in on the results. But does this mean the Government can simply order citizens to allow fracking on their property since they own the applicable rights? If consent is required, wouldn’t it make sense for them to give property owners a cut of the rights so they are not worthless, creating a similar situation to the US?

    • Josephbleau

      It is obvious that payment of an inconvenience fee to land owners is the answer to the sovereign mineral problem, but these folks are not looking for answers.

  • billsv

    “Scotland contains just 80 trillion cubic feet of shale gas, a far cry
    from the 622 trillion cubic feet here in the United States. The upside
    just isn’t there.” What ? Do some math! The Scottish population is less than 2% of the US population but the potential shale gas is nearly 13% of the US. So based on the writer’s logic the US should be the one who gives up shale gas as the potential is too small and not worth it.

    I understand the property rights issue that is a legitimate issue.I don’t know how to resolve that without an American style revolution. Notwithstanding, each person benefits by the availability of home production versus depending on imports.

    • CapitalistRoader

      This. Scotland has by far more shale gas per capita than the US. The Scots are just too ignorant to use it.

    • Rich Rostrom

      The land area of the US is 3.6M sq mi; Scotland’s is 30,000 sq mi. That’s a ratio of 120-to-1; but the ratio of shale gas deposits is less than 8-to-1. Thus Scotland’s shale gas is proportionally 15 times the US gas.

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