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Burying Carbon in Iceland
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  • Fat_Man

    Actually the substance they will be burying is money.

  • rpabate

    There does not seem to be any effort to determine whether higher levels of CO2 would be a net benefit. It’s taken as a given that higher atmospheric CO2 levels are a detriment without any real scientific effort to validate that conjecture. Will Happer, emeritus professor of physics at Princeton, and Patrick Moore, one of the founding leadership team at Greenpeace, both think higher CO2 levels would be a net benefit. YouTube has a number of talks by both these individuals that are well worth the time, especially with the garbage that one gets reading and listening to the MSM. Most plants seem to grow best and require less water when the level of CO2 is at 1,000 ppm, which is the reason horticulturalists add warm CO2 to their greenhouses. Current atmospheric levels of CO2 are 400 ppm. Check

    • StudentZ

      There are studies on just about everything related to climate change. Consider the following Stanford paper on the effects of carbon dioxide on grasslands in California:

      Honestly, people should just take science and engineering classes at their local universities if they really feel scientists are so out of the loop. Try to engage with people who are actually conducting research instead of dismissing them from afar. You’ll find that many are trying to solve real problems and the perception of carbon dioxide as a pollutant is not arbitrary. Many scientists and engineers are too preoccupied with minutiae to bother with political ideology. Should they develop a stormwater system for a moderate or pessimistic climate change scenario? Should they design storage units for 25-year floods instead of 10- or 5-year floods? Should they worry about not having any groundwater for crops? Most of them will have to confront the reality of human effects on local infrastructure and ecosystems even if some specialist claims excess carbon dioxide is great.

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