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Harry Zieve Cohen
Thinking Boldly
GM Prepares For A Future In Which Americans Don’t Own Cars

Launching a “Netflix for cars” plan is the Detroit automaker’s latest step toward a brave new world.

illiberalism rising
Conspiracy Thinking and Our Deteriorating Liberal Order

People believe in conspiracies when their ideas and ideologies fail to explain reality.

Rebuilding America
The Road For An Infrastructure Bill Clears

“Fix it first” is a promising approach to infrastructure.

MSM watch
The Anti-Hate Group That Jumped the Shark

Thanks to their uncritical reliance on the Southern Poverty Law Center, the mainstream media labels Charles Murray and other decent people as bigots.

Safe Spaces Indeed
College Protestors Send Professor to the ER

Protestors at Middlebury College attacked Charles Murray and a professor on Thursday.

Rebuilding America
The Importance of Making Good Deals

Can Trump get the American people a better deal on infrastructure construction and repair?

campus speech wars
A Campus Free Speech Case Study Emerges In Vermont

Middlebury College is gearing up for a test of its commitment to open discourse and free speech this week, when political scientist Charles Murray visits campus on Thursday.

Transit's Future
The Death of the Washington Metro

Ridership is down, and there are reasons to believe it may never recover.

Why We Can't Have Nice Things
NYT Ignores Obvious Fix for Subway Delays

To admit the problem, the Times would have to say unpleasant things about public sector unions.

U.S.-Israel Relations
Trump’s Statement on Settlements Doesn’t Mean What You Think

There were lots of ways in which the Obama years weren’t good for Bibi, but the hatred of settlements is Washington was politically useful for him.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Fault Lines

The situation in Cyprus has lately tracked closely with Turkey’s attitude to the West. As relations deteriorate, watch things get uglier.

right-wing PC

As a minority, and a minority that historically has often been unpopular, Jews have a structural interest in the protection of minority rights.

Petrostates in Peril

Economic growth is predictably sluggish for petrostates.

American Balkanization

Pew data point to one of the core ironies of liberal politics today.

Rage Against the Machine

The Palestinians want international sympathy. But rioting over metal detectors after a terrorist attack seems more likely to draw international contempt.


A Schlumberger surge is a good sign for the health of the U.S. shale industry.

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