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Rebuilding America
The Road For An Infrastructure Bill Clears
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    We need maintenance and repair….

  • Fat_Man

    I hope that Republicans and Democrats are willing to fund the infrastructure bill. The best source of funding would be a small $0.10 increase in the gasoline tax. This could be added to a bill that reduces income taxes.

  • Proud Skeptic

    What is missing from this issue is the same thing that gets left out of almost every issue…subcategories and the separate solution for each.

    What is infrastructure?

    Is it the national highway system, where there is an existing gas tax in place that is ostensibly to be used for repairing and extending the system? Why doesn’t the gas tax get adjusted to meet the revenues required? The same goes for state roads, which have their own state gas tax. How about AMTRAK? Do the tracks and bridges need repair? How about CSX? Airports?

    Does infrastructure include aging water, storm and sanitary systems like in Baltimore and other major cities? These systems are the responsibility of each city. Electric lines? Privately owned, right? Gas piping? Privately owned.

    Do we want to build new high speed rail or hyperloop? That’s not infrastructure repair.

    No…until someone starts focusing on the subcategories and discussing the specific problems and solutions with each, then we can have an intelligent conversation. Until then throwing around that you want to spend a zillion, jillion, bazillion dollars to fix “infrastructure” is a waste of breath.

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