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Conceding Syria
Trump Ends Support to Anti-Assad Rebels

There are good reasons to re-think U.S. commitments in Syria. But ending support to the rebels will pose real costs for no clear benefit.

Nuclear Bargaining
The Iran Deal Survives—For Now

Despite last-minute objections from the president, the administration has re-certified Iran’s nuclear compliance.

court and country
Russia Scandal Looks Different Outside of Washington

The Russia scandal is dominating Washington politics and media. Ordinary voters see things differently.

Reading Between the Lines
Putin Makes His Pitch To German Business

In an op-ed for Handelsblatt, Putin couches his case for sanctions relief in liberal pieties.

No Puppet
How To Read the Trump-Putin Meeting

Is outreach to Russia a wise move? Probably not. But President Trump is going in stronger than most give him credit for.

millennials vs. boomers
Good Redistribution in the GOP Health Bill

Millennials finally catch a break.

The Future of Work
Japan’s Labor Shortage Will Change the World

Coping with the labor shortage in Japan will accelerate robotization, with profound effects for the global economy.

Downfall of the Caliphate

“The mission is to make sure that any foreign fighter who is here, who joined ISIS from a foreign country and came into Syria—they will die here in Syria.”

the left in disarray
Minimum Wage Campaign Highlights Blue Model Contradictions

The true beneficiaries of Silicon Valley’s new minimum wage laws are going to be found in the corporate offices of the tech giants that create robots and the venture capitalists who invest in them.

Affairs of State
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The Chaos of the Qatar Crisis

The incoherence of the U.S. approach to Qatar raises questions about the Administration’s approach.

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Netanyahu in Europe

Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic agree that the EU should stand closer with Israel.

*cough* climate leadership *cough*

Greens might want to hold off on anointing Beijing as the next global green leader.

"I am your boss"

His critics are accusing him of Erdoganism Lite. Are they right?

Angela and Recep

A spat over detained human rights activists points to deeper festering problems.

Conceding Syria

There are good reasons to re-think U.S. commitments in Syria. But ending support to the rebels will pose real costs for no clear benefit.

American Balkanization

California, New York, and lesser liberal states are inaugurating something new and dangerous in American politics.

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