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The Khashoggi Murder
Human Rights Suffers a Major Blow

President Trump’s dismissal of human rights in cases like that of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi will ultimately harm American interests.

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China and Russia
A Strategic Alliance in the Making?

Should the U.S. be worried about a Sino-Russian alliance emerging?

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John McCain: The Enemy of Evil

John McCain was a tireless champion for American interests and human rights, as well as an implacable foe of autocrats, dictators, and demagogues.

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The Helsinki Summit Fallout
Ukraine Thrown Under the Bus?

Notwithstanding some positive moves, the Trump Administration is letting Putin write the script on Ukraine. It needs to seize the initiative against Putin and reassure Ukraine.

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Department of Bad Ideas
Do Not Revive the G-8 or Invite Putin to DC

Putin has done nothing—repeat nothing—to warrant a softer approach from the West.

Human Rights & Corruption
Getting Tough with Aliyev

The Trump Administration should use the Magnitsky Act to punish human rights abuses and corruption in Azerbaijan.

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Russia and the West
No Bailouts for Putin

Western governments should block private business from helping to finance Russian aggression in Ukraine and Syria.

Putin's Russia
Countdown to the Winter Universiade Games—Oh Boy!

Moscow wins a gold medal in dysfunction.

Kleptocracy Watch
In Russia, Survival of the Most Corrupt

The U.S. should do more to let Russian pensioners know the Kremlin is too busy doling out billions to Putin and his buddies to give a damn about their welfare.

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Battle for Ukraine
The Best Ways to Help Ukraine

Scrap the Minsk agreement, hold the line on sanctions on Russia, and keep pressuring Ukraine’s leaders to clean up corruption.

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