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Marty Sohl/Metropolitan Opera
The Once and Future Macbeth

Verdi’s opera Macbeth showcases in thrilling music the crux of Shakespeare’s play: that humans have free will, and suffer the consequences.

The Lost Leviathan

Perry Anderson’s critique of liberal hegemony was written before Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in November of last year. And in a way, Trump’s election might serve as a vindication of Anderson’s attack.

Justin Sullivan/Staff
Racism and Incarceration
Locked In

“Racism” is the easy answer to the question of how America’s prisons got so full of African Americans. A new book offers a more complex and hopeful view.

Alexei Nikolsky\TASS via Getty Images
After the USSR
Russia’s Loss, Whose Gain?

A new book urging the West to reconcile with Russia gives too much credit to Russia and too little to the West.

George Konig/Keystone/Getty Images
The Year of Ella
Stage Gone Long

A consideration of Ella Fitzgerald’s best performance in her centennial year.

Keystone/Getty Images
Korean War
Reservoir Doggedness

The risky tactics and subzero temperatures of the Chosin Reservoir campaign reappear in Jeff Shaara’s new novel of the Korean War. It is a tale of hubris, racism, and the extremes of human endurance.

James Nielsen/Getty Images
American Business
Deconstructing Fraud

An admirable new history of fraud and regulation in the United States reveals the truth about the lies.  

William Lovelace/Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Original Sins
A Race to Nowhere

Were Jim Crow and American eugenics laws the models for Nazi race law?

J.D. Pooley/Getty Images
Luck, Chance, and Taxes

Luck has more to do with economic success than Americans like to believe. Robert Frank’s new book challenges us to reckon honestly with fortune, and what it means for social policy.

Justin Sullivan
American Religion
Faithfully Civil

A worthy appeal for that old-time (civil) religion, but one that is likely to be disappointed.

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