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USS John S. McCain in the South China Sea (Wikimedia Commons)
Troubled Waters
Reading the South China Sea

Two recent books offer a helpful guide to Southeast Asia’s most complex maritime dispute.

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Science Fiction
Terraforming Ourselves

What sort of world do we want to live in? Science fiction has answered the question in wildly different ways.

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The Middle Kingdom
All Under Heaven?

Ge Zhaoguang’s history offers subtle warnings of the dangers of Chinese triumphalism.

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Religion and Modernity
The Francis Resistance

Ross Douthat’s new book sounds the alarm about Pope Francis, arguing that the much-beloved pontiff is leading the Church into a crisis. But is resistance the wisest option?

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red vs. blue
Are Our Politics Really “Tribal”?

Amy Chua’s new book mischaracterizes American politics and perpetuates stereotypes of tribal societies.

China Down Under
Fifty Shades of Red

Clive Hamilton’s Silent Invasion is a vital wake-up call about the threat of Chinese influence operations—but its policy prescriptions are painted in very broad brushstrokes.

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Future of Liberalism
The One Theory to Rule Them All

Patrick Deneen’s much-discussed book diagnoses liberalism with failure-by-success, but fails to find a convincing cure. Might the answer be another theory?

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Art and Truth
The Faces of Cézanne

The portraits of the master, collected for the first time since his death, offer an antidote to preoccupations with our self-images.

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Eminent Domain
Divided Over a House

A new movie about the famous eminent domain case Kelo v. New London shows us more than a fight about a house. It shows us a conflict between two core American values.

The Human Condition
Addicted to Addiction

A new book about early modern England reveals an eternal truth: We are all addicted to something, and maybe that’s not a bad thing, so long as we choose well.

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