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Lessons from Ukraine
The Seven Ages of Revolution

Marci Shore’s intimate account of Ukraine’s 2014 revolution probes the metaphysical meaning of revolution. In so doing, it illuminates the crisis of the West more broadly.

The New Battlefield
Warfare on the Web

A new book by David Patrikarakos explores how social media has changed armed conflict in the 21st century.

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Big Data
Caught in the Web

Franklin Foer’s new book warns that the tech titans now rule us all. Are they as threatening as all that?

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War and Peace
The History of Tomorrow’s Wars

Predictions about the next big war have historically missed their marks—often by miles. But that doesn’t mean such forecasts are futile.

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Darkest Hour
Statesmanship at the Movies

The new Winston Churchill biopic offers a marvelous illustration of the most necessary and rarest of political virtues.

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Moral Panics
Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live

Katherine Howe mines her Salem witch trial ancestors for material for her novels, but the dangers of witch hunts aren’t confined to the past.

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French Cinema
Agnès Varda, In Search of Lost Time

The latest film from the Godmother of the French New Wave plays as a capstone to her career, a testament to her artistic spirit, and a symbolic passing of the torch to the next generation.

The Sick Man Is Europe
The Great Eurosion

Everyone can agree that the European body politic is sick, but about the diagnosis, let alone the cure, there is no consensus.

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Stickin’ and Stayin’

The timeless, seriously legit brilliance of Little Richard’s debut album.

© Salzburger Festspiele / Ruth Walz
Opera for a Shattered World
All’s Atonal on the Western Front

This year’s Salzburg Festival performance of Alban Berg’s 1925 opera Wozzeck captures the essence of World War I and the violent potential of mankind’s dehumanizing tendencies.

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