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Democracy in the Middle East
An Arab Spring Autopsy

And a post-mortem on U.S. policy during the Arab uprisings.

No Jihadist Is An Island

Three excellent new books on terrorist communications give us much-needed insight into our opponents and the context in which they operate.  

By Alvin Langdon Coburn – NYPL Digital Gallery, Public Domain
A Man for Our Times
Globalization’s Pioneer

Maya Jasanoff’s new book shows us that Joseph Conrad was not just a literary giant of his own times but also a surprisingly good guide to our times.

Heather Raffo (photo by Scott Suchman)
Mosul on Their Minds

A new play about Iraqi Christian immigrants deals with the conflict between remembering and forgetting.  

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Liberalism vs. Populism
The Good Liberal

Yascha Mounk’s new defense of liberalism offers a perceptive diagnosis of its decline, but not much in the way of a cure.

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At the Movies
The Loveless Russia of Andrey Zvyagintsev

In Loveless, the latest Oscar-nominated import from Russia’s most famous filmmaker, every unhappy family is alike, while happy families are nowhere to be seen at all.

Malinda Kathleen Reese, Ben Lauer (photo by Daniel Schwartz)
History of Humankind
Thornton Wilder’s Overbite

What does an allegory about human survival from 1942 have to do with today?

Communism's Legacy
Marx at 200

His writings had greater influence on the 20th century than those of anyone else. But is Karl Marx still relevant in the 21st century?

Lessons from Ukraine
The Seven Ages of Revolution

Marci Shore’s intimate account of Ukraine’s 2014 revolution probes the metaphysical meaning of revolution. In so doing, it illuminates the crisis of the West more broadly.

The New Battlefield
Warfare on the Web

A new book by David Patrikarakos explores how social media has changed armed conflict in the 21st century.

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