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Unasked Questions
Dancing Around the Caravan

The press has shown a curious reluctance to explore the roles of two key actors in the ongoing drama at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Trump and the Border Crisis
Explaining the Indefensible

It is difficult to resist the temptation to rant against the ineptness and mean-spiritedness of the Trump Administration’s recent border apprehension policies. Yet the moral and ethical obtuseness on display is the product of a long and complex history.

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sex and the middle east
Does the Arab World Need a Sexual Revolution?

If educated Arab women respond to repression by adopting a transgressive liberationist agenda, it won’t serve any of us well.

A Flawed But Important Take on Immigration

Immigration Outside the Law By Hiroshi Motomura Oxford University Press, 2014, 360 pp., $29.95Hiroshi Motomura, professor of law at UCLA, has written the most thoughtfully and honestly argued brief for a liberal immigration regime in the United States that one is likely to find.  Exploring the implications of the Supreme Court’s landmark 1982 decision in […]

Facing Facts about Immigration

Today there is a sizeable gap between elite and non-elite opinion on immigration reform. Time to cut through the fog of fear and moralizing dividing them.

Islam in America

Four new books try to strike a balance between fear and complacency over America’s three million Muslim citizens.

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