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Pressuring Putin
The Noose Tightens on Moscow

New U.S. sanctions will impose steep economic costs on Putin for his malign activities, hammering an already battered Russian economy.

A Letter to the Editor
Re: Cold War II?

To the Editor:It was gratifying to see that Ambassador Andrew Wood chose our recent essay as the point of departure for his article on the West’s policy toward Russia. Ambassador Wood is an eminent scholar-practitioner with long experience in Russia. However, his article contains two references to our essay that are factually incorrect.Ambassador Wood quotes […]

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Asian Futures
Whose Indo-Pacific?

The Trump Administration keeps talking up its “Indo-Pacific” strategy—but no country in the region interprets it in quite the same way.

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Photo from UNIAN
The View from Kyiv
Ukraine’s Most Dangerous Profession

Ukraine’s leading whistleblower is being squeezed by the authorities for calling out the country’s corruption. Is he Ukraine’s answer to Alexey Navalny?

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Countdown to Helsinki
The Putin Paradox

Putin is romancing the White House even as he challenges American interests globally—because he thinks he can.

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Jobs Jobs Jobs
We’re Hiring: Assistant Editor

Come join our team!

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News Analysis
Poroshenko’s Dead End

Reforms have stalled and the Ukrainian President is overseeing a state captured by its elites. What can be done?

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Department of Bad Ideas
Do Not Revive the G-8 or Invite Putin to DC

Putin has done nothing—repeat nothing—to warrant a softer approach from the West.

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David Plas, via Wikimedia Commons
Letter from Madrid
Spanish Lawmakers Say ¡Basta! To Corruption

Our correspondent takes you outside the Spanish Parliament during the no-confidence vote against Mariano Rajoy’s government.

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Raising the Red Flag
The Curious Case of Mr. Wang and the United Front

How a recent think tank controversy reveals America’s own vulnerability to Chinese influence operations—and the need for a serious public debate on the issue.

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