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Walter Russell Mead
Editor-at-large, The American Interest Online.
The Pope and the Archbishop

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope met in Rome this week and their spokesmen issued statements with the usual platitudes.  One thing they could do to benefit mankind: agree to a joint crackdown on appalling liturgical wear like the ones at Christopher Johnson’s website Bad Vestments. (Thanks to Glenn Reynolds the renowned Instapundit for […]

Northern Ireland and Palestine

The BBC is carrying a story today about a 400 pound bomb left at a police station in Northern Ireland, apparently by ‘dissident’ members of the IRA.  On the same night, there was a gun battle between the dissidents and the police. Fortunately the bomb only partially exploded and the damage was limited.This is bad […]

The Politics of Apocalypse

I’m not sure what’s happening to the climate, but the controversy over global warming seems to be heating up.  The latest twist, an outcry over stolen emails that seem to document a nasty conspiracy among some climate scientists to silence and discredit their critics while manipulating evidence to strengthen the case for human responsibility for […]

They Shoulda Stood in Bed

Today we are commemorating (not, I think, celebrating) the anniversary of the first untethered hot air balloon flight in world history.  On November 21, 1783, two brave French adventurers rose into the heavens and were carried about nine miles across Paris in twenty five minutes.A heroic feat, no doubt, but as I prepare this morning […]

Turkey Mon Amour

I’ve been back in Turkey for about thirty six hours, and I’m remembering all the reasons why I love this place.There is, for one thing, the sour cherry juice, something that is everywhere in Turkey but rarely seen anywhere else.  You can get it on airplanes, at breakfast in my hotel, in kiosks at the […]

Young Heads Need Old Books

Possibly because they assume I have no life and spend my time buried among the tottering piles of books and overstuffed bookshelves at the stately Mead manor in the storied and exclusive residential borough of Queens, my students and younger colleagues often ask me for advice about what to read.Many are surprised when I advise […]

Light Blogging Continues

It’s been almost twenty hours since I left the storied borough of Queens and I’ve spent most of that time in the air.I’m happy to be back in Turkey and looking forward to a series of meetings with Turkish academics and journalists.  This is a fascinating country and both Turkish society and Turkish foreign policy […]

On The Road

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be leaving the storied halls of the stately Mead manor on a European trip to Turkey, Germany and Italy.  Ably assisted by the tech wizards at The American Interest and Sam the official Team Intern at the vast and sprawling Mead Global HQ, I’ll be blogging from the […]

Slip Sliding Away

The Gallup polling organization recently reported that a majority of Americans no longer believe that the government has a responsibility to ensure that all citizens receive health care.  Three years ago, two thirds of those polled agreed with this statement; in the latest poll 47% agreed and 50% begged to differ.This is bad news for […]

Acorn, the Archbishop, the Icebox and Tammany Hall

At first glance there does not seem to be much in common between Acorn–the deeply corrupt ‘community’ organization engaged in a variety of electoral and financial fraud while disguised as a selfless band of anti-poverty warriors–and William Laud, archbishop of Canterbury, stiff necked High Churchman and counselor of Charles I.But Acorn, or it least its […]

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So far, it’s grandstanding and placebo politics disguising a more moderate agenda.

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How a caterpillar could help us recycle plastics.

Counting Boots on the Ground

President Trump is delegating authority to his generals—just like he always said he would. But the political costs if anything goes wrong will be his alone.

Migrant Mess

It turns out failed states are not so great at preventing migrant flows.

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Those prophesying apocalyptic doom under President Trump have not come out looking so good.

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