Walter Russell Mead
American Press Hits New Low

In almost fifty years of following American news organizations, I thought I’d seen everything, but this morning I saw something new: an editorial in the Chicago Tribune fuming about the failure of White House social secretary Desiree Rogers to appear before Congress to answer questions about the party-crashing couple who made it into the state […]

Islanders Apologize for Eating Missionary

Pacific Islanders have staged a reconciliation ceremony to atone for their ancestors’ behavior in killing and eating a famous British missionary 170 years ago.The Reverend John Williams was a Non-Conformist minister whose labors resulted in the conversion of many Pacific Islanders to Christianity; for many years it was popular to condemn missionaries for destroying the […]

Another Gay Bishop?

The Episcopal diocese of Los Angeles has elected an openly-gay woman in a committed relationship as one of two new assistant or ‘suffragan’ bishops.  Before the newly elected bishops can be consecrated, the choice will have to be approved by other Episcopal dioceses around the country.  The signs are that this will happen; last summer […]

Educating Both Ends

It’s been a slow weekend for blogging; rather than waiting out the season’s first snowstorm by the blaze of a friendly fire in Mead manor, I spent Saturday up at Yale, helping torture this year’s crop of grand strategy students.The Yale grand strategy seminar was started some years ago by John Gaddis, Paul Kennedy and […]

Andrew Jackson Still Rules — and Sarah Palin Knows It

This is another of those Jacksonian moments in American politics.  The lower middle class and the middle middle class are in full flaming revolt against the cultural, political and economic power of the upper crust.  Whether it is Tea Party politics on the right or the rapidly swelling caucus on the left that thinks President […]

German Magazine Gives Obama the Bush Treatment

Der Spiegel, the influential German weekly news magazine, is giving Barack Obama the kind of treatment it once gave George W. Bush.Obama’s West Point speech, sniffed Der Spiegel, sounded “false” and left “both realists and dreamers distraught.”“One didn’t have to be a cadet on Tuesday to feel a little bit of nausea on hearing Obama’s […]

America Needs France

This is one of the most unpopular headlines an American blogger can write, a guaranteed hit-suppressor.  But it is true nevertheless, as President Obama is now finding out.The immediate problem is Afghanistan; the President wants 10,000 troops from our allies to match the 30,000 the President is putting in.  Britain already has 9,000 and has […]

Is The Jobs Summit Doomed?

When asked this morning by Politico to assess Obama’s jobs summit, here’s what I said:The group at the White House knows a lot more than me about this jobs stuff so I hope they figure something out.However, this could be a lot harder than it looks.First, I don’t think economic stimulus works as well as […]

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

If the news reports are to be believed, Tiger Woods has feet of clay. The eminently likable and admirable golf wonder says he has let his family down in unspecified ways.Here at Mead GHQ there is no joy in this news and no desire to poke around into the private life of Mr. Woods or […]

Hands Off!

This just in from Charles Edel, a longtime Team Mead associate now a Ph.D. candidate at Yale.It’s the anniversary of the proclamation of the Monroe Doctrine, one of the big moments in the history of American foreign policy, and since Charlie has been studying this history very closely of late, I thought it would make […]

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