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Damir Marusic
Of Moscow Meetings
When Rex Met Sergey

Behind all the talk of tension and impasses, one can see the outlines of Donald Trump’s transactional diplomacy taking shape.

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Trump Turns Up the Heat on North Korea

With a carrier group en route to the Korean peninsula, Pyongyang should be nervous after the Syria strikes.

Dinner with Don Corleone
What the Syria Strikes Mean

A strong message was sent to Xi and Putin—in that order.

Managed Democracy
Russia’s Protests Fizzle?

With Alexei Navalny behind bars, government threats issued, and the internet lightly censored, very few people turned out to the Russian streets this past weekend.

Pipeline Politics
Israel Plans a Pipeline to Europe

It’s an audacious project. But will it work?

Pretenders to the Throne
The Kremlin Intrigue Behind the Anti-Corruption Protests

The story is more about a power struggle than about people power.

Another Adventure
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Is This Russia’s Opening Move in Libya?

If so, it could be a repeat of the Syria strategy: do just enough to achieve an acceptable outcome.

The Art of the Deal
Could Trump Pry Russia and Iran Apart?

The outlines for how the Trump Administration thinks a “reset” with Russia might work are coming into focus. The chances for it actually working remain lower than most think.

Intel Wars
Beyond the “Flynn Probe”

There doesn’t appear to be much to the so-called Flynn Probe itself, but it hints to a deeply dysfunctional dynamic existing between the intelligence community and the new Trump Administration.

Just How Effective Is Russia’s RT?

Regular readers know the answer: not very effective at all.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff

It’s vital that we make sure that the great wealth-creating machine is ready for the millennial generation.

After years of delay, Turkey announces its close to buying advanced air missile defenses from the Russians.


Time to unpack the irony.

Aramco IPO

Beijing is ready to invest in Saudi Aramco.

Latin Lefty Meltdown

Venezuela seems headed for a boiling point while Maduro doubles down on Chavismo

Keeping Up With Medvedev

Now that Dmitry Medvedev knows beyond a reasonable doubt that he is being attacked, he will ruthlessly clean house when he gets his hands on the throne. And his enemies know he knows who they are.

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