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Walter Russell Mead
Editor-at-large, The American Interest Online.
the best of intentions...
Shocker: Costly Social Engineering Program Fails to Work

Liberal good intentions translated into legislation and policy don’t always produce the intended results.

Investors Losing Faith in Trump?

If the GOP fails to produce results with its extraordinary mandate, the cost to the party brand could be severe.

The Future of Work
Japan’s Labor Shortage Will Change the World

Coping with the labor shortage in Japan will accelerate robotization, with profound effects for the global economy.

Obamacare Repeal
The Smallness of the Health Debate and the Failure of Elite Imagination

The parties are locked into a zero-sum fight over resources that leaves the underlying deformity of our system unaddressed.

the left in disarray
Minimum Wage Campaign Highlights Blue Model Contradictions

The true beneficiaries of Silicon Valley’s new minimum wage laws are going to be found in the corporate offices of the tech giants that create robots and the venture capitalists who invest in them.

South Korean Politics
Blue Model Blues in the Blue House

South Korea’s new liberal president is feeling the heat from organized labor, as the blue model cracks up in the country.

Taking Putin's Bait
SPD Trolls Merkel for Appeasing Trump

Presumably it’s not a sign of electoral confidence that the SPD is aligning itself so clearly with Putin’s key foreign policy goals. Still, it’s sad to see a storied European party taking the Russian bait.

Power Play
Arab Factionalism in Gaza Electric Deal

Fuel trucks roll into Gaza from Egypt, keeping Hamas’ electricity running despite attempts by Abbas and the PA to shut it down.

German Elections
Merkel May Dance With France on Eurozone Reform

By projecting a unity of purpose with France, Merkel is cleverly outflanking her rivals as she cruises toward a fourth term.

Game of Thrones
EU Moving to Undercut Trump in Asia?

An empty gesture by the Europeans to help negotiate a deal with North Korea may nevertheless have real consequences.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
The Way Forward

Democrats had better wake up and compete, or they risk another shellacking next year—and in 2020.

Asia's Game of Thrones

Top British officials are announcing a new naval priority: challenging Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea.

American Innovation

It’s innovative projects like this that will rescue America’s healthcare system.

The Importance of Reinvestment

Conventional producers are slashing costs and once again reinvesting in new projects.

String of Pearls

After ensnaring Sri Lanka in a debt trap, China is poised to profit by acquiring a strategic port on the Indian Ocean.


It is hard to imagine any other NATO member hosting ships from a navy that is busily building islands in South China sea—not to mention carrying out live-fire drills in the Mediterranean.

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